US Survivor chooses WEM as its location medical providor..

With ‘Dr Joe’ Rowles appearing on the Live Show in LA we can Location medical servicesannounce that WEM has been brought in to provide high quality, effective and professional medical cover to their overseas filming in Fiji.

“We contracted a large medical team made up of doctors, paramedics and nurses through Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Limited for our 6 month remote location shoot in Fiji and we couldn’t be happier. The team from the top down were extremely professional and easy to deal with at all levels of the operation. Ultimately our number one concern is the health and safety of our cast and crew and at all times it felt we were in extremely capable hands. From a logistics and production standpoint we also really appreciate the professionalism and “can do” attitude these guys bring to the table. They are a real pleasure to work with and I hope to continue our relationship with EWM for many years to come.”

Jesse Jensen – Co-Executive Producer  – US SURVIVOR

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Extreme Medicine Masters, PGcert, PGdip launched with University of Exeter Medical School

World Extreme Medicine is delighted to announce the official launch of its global first ‘Extreme Medicine’ Academic programme in a unique collaboration with Russell Group University of Exeter.

OverviewExtreme Medicine Academic Programme

This unique Masters programme is delivered in partnership between the University of Exeter Medical School and World Extreme Medicine, the world’s leading provider of specialist training courses for medics taking their skills into challenging environments.

The programme’s hallmarks are the practical skills, knowledge and understanding needed to perform at the highest possible level in the field of extreme medicine. Key features are the residential locations of the courses across the UK, and environment specific modules located in mountain, jungle, desert and polar regions. This is medicine at its best, crossing geographical and professional boundaries.

You will be likely to work with the wider healthcare community – paramedics, nurses, doctors, and military medics. You will be working or looking to work in situations of rapid change and uncertainty and you will be looking to demonstrate capabilities that extend beyond clinical competence into areas such as leadership, communications, teamwork, resilience, humanitarian relief, planning and logistics The programme’s foundations are rooted in the core values of collaboration, challenge, community, impact and rigour, embedded firmly within the University’s mission to make the exceptional happen, by challenging traditional thinking and defying conventional boundaries.

The programme is delivered part time over three years leading from the Post Graduate Certificate in Extreme Medicine in year one to the full Post Graduate Masters qualification in year three.
Find out more on the university website…


Polar Injury world expert Professor Chris Imray reviews our popular Polar Medicine course in @adventuremedics

WEM Polar Medicine Course

Chris Imray / March 2016, Alta, NorwayWilderness Medicine in Polar Environments

The radio crackled into life again:

‘I think her name is Heidi. Over’

‘Well she’s not responding- we dug her out of the avalanche fifteen minutes ago and despite starting CPR we are getting no output. Over’

‘Did she have an air pocket around her mouth when you extricated her? Over’


‘Are you certain? Over’

‘ In which case, I am afraid she is not going to make it- I think you should call this and concentrate on the others. Over’

This was the radio coms on the last day of the World Extreme Medicine Polar Medicine Course outside Alta in Norway this year. Nine candidates from Europe, North America and Australia had met up to take part in this long running and successful course. Their backgrounds varied from paramedic, junior doctor, hospital consultant to GP. All came with a particular reason for wanting to do the course. One individual had wanted to spend the night in a snow cave since he was in his teens (30 plus years ago) and another had just got a job as a base medic with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

The Faculty was headed up by Andy Leivers, who is a mountain leader with very extensive alpine and arctic experience.  Matt Edwards, an Emergency Department SPR, who has spent a couple of seasons in the Antarctic with BAS was in charge. They were supported by Mike Cole, an Emergency Department Advanced Nurse Practitioner, who has also spent a number of seasons in the far south with Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, and me, a vascular surgeon with both altitude and cold experience.

Everyone flew into the coastal town of Alta, the most populous (10,000) town in Finnmark and at 69° 58′ 36″ N is well inside the Arctic Circle. After travelling about an hour south to of Alta, we reached the small traditional hotel set in a remote location.  We were looked after superbly by Maj Lis and her great team.

The course is very much a hands on course and on the first day, after less than an hour covering the basics of hypothermia and frostbite, we were all outside. The immersive nature of the course carries on throughout week, gradually building the candidates knowledge and competence. Brief and focused lectures are given inside and these are followed by reinforcement with outside practical field experience.

Travel by foot, ski, snowshoe, skidoo and dog sled are all experienced and we spent half a day on each.  Local expert Knut oversaw/supervised/helped/cajoled us all, but his input really made the experience all the more memorable for all of us.  The polar expertise is incrementally built so that by the end of the week everyone participates in a mini-expedition involving a night ski/snow shoe to a remote camp. The night was spent out under canvas in sub-zero temperatures was a high point for many. The following day was spent experiencing what its like to live in these super-low temperatures. Part of the day was spent digging snow holes in preparation for our last night out within the Artic Circle which was deep in a snow hole.

Weather during the course was good but cold. We experienced temperatures as low as -27C during the day but fortunately visibility was mainly good and winds low. However, as a result of this particularly harsh spell of weather, Knut was unable to saw through the >1.2 metres thick ice and so the cold water immersion scenario planned for the final day had to be a theoretical scenario rather than a practical one. There was a certain amount of relief expressed by some!

For me there were a number of highlights, including spending time with the indigenous Sami people and hearing how they are adapting to modern Arctic life. We spent a while with a reindeer herdsman who was (with others in his family) moving 17,000 reindeer with skidoo and equipped with a mixture of state of the art protective gear and traditional knives and headwear.

The Northern Lights were visible on a couple of evenings and were as spectacular as I had been lead to believe. A long exposure (about 30seconds) is required to get reasonable photos, and with such low temperatures this can be challenging.

As ever spending time in the company of like-minded wilderness enthusiasts, both candidates and faculty, during the course and relaxing in the evening is a special experience.

Bring on next year!

Polar Medicine in both Norway and New Zealand is organised by World Extreme Medicine.


Making the Move with Head Medical

Our friends at Head Medical are organising a free seminar in London for Doctors looking to work in Australia or New Zealand – Saturday 21 May from 09.30HeadAus

“Making the Move”
Head Medical are delighted to invite you to a FREE seminar for Doctors considering ‘Making the Move’ overseas.

Topics covered will include visa application, medical registration, job opportunities, financial matters, and more.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your own questions

during an interactive Q&A session.

Register today as places will be taken fast!

Contact Head Medical now on +44 (0)131 226 2200 or via

Boarding Pass BA with Details TRANS



New WEM T-Shirts…

Hot odd the press …

We’re finalising a few details and expecting our final samples in the next week.

Four awesome designs will be available across all sizes for in both men’s and women’s fittings. Whether you’re heading to the pub or out on an adventure out t-shirts will be suitable for all your adventures.

There’s one favour we ask, take your t-shirts everywhere and send us some pics! We want to see them up mountains, in the middle of the oceans and everywhere in between!

To get your t-shirt in the first run send us your email address here.


Incredible course faculty, new WEM clothing and more!

Extreme Medicine


WEM t-shirts are on their way

We’re finalising a few details and expecting our final samples in the next week.

Four awesome designs will be available across all sizes for in both men’s and women’s fittings. Whether you’re heading to the pub or out on an adventure out t-shirts will be suitable for all your adventures.

There’s one favour we ask, take your t-shirts everywhere and send us some pics! We want to see them up mountains, in the middle of the oceans and everywhere in between!

To get your t-shirt in the first run send us your email address here.

Zika Virus Challenge Grant

The Brazilian-Israeli-British team raised over $29,000 USD and just won the $10,000 International Zika Virus Challenge Grant, to develop a rapid diagnostic test for Zika.

Congratulations to the Zika Innovation team in Brazil including EWM Faculty, Dr Alexander Kumar

“It’s been very hard seeing and hearing stories first-hand from mothers and families whose lives have been affected by the Zika virus. A test that is reliable and affordable, but is not complicated in that it could be performed by a twelve year old, living in a resource limited setting, is a potential game changer for doctors and patients worldwide.”

Nick Bird to lead Dive Medicine!

Following Dr Nick Bird’s fantastic presentation at Extreme Expo ’15, he will now be leading the delivery of CME content on our stunning Diving & Marine Medicine course in Raja Ampat this September.

Nick currently holds two positions at Duke University, he’s a Board Member at the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and Regional Medical Director at Duke Urgent Care. Prior to this Nick has an impressive background which includes CEO of Divers Alert Network (DAN).

This course is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. For more information get in touch.

Pre-hospital Trauma

The pre-hospital environment can push medics out of their comfort zone and offers incredibly rewarding work.

With no two situations the same, decision making is challenged and situational awareness is key.

Join our Pre-hospital Trauma Care workshop this May and enhance your current skills or simply introduce yourself into this challenging area of medicine.

Intensive Care Medicine

Free evidence-based ICM courses at the Harefield Hospital in London, run by NHS Consultant for NHS trainees.

If this sounds like your kind of thing click HERE for more information.


World Extreme Medicine Conference – Edinburgh 2016

This year, our World Extreme Medicine Conference will host around 300 lecture and seminar sessions across 4-days, in 4 separate theatres at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, 18th – 21st November.

We provide a platform for leaders and inspiring medical minds in extreme and austere medicine to meet, and create the most elite gathering of extreme medicine clinicians in the world.  Collectively, we facilitate and share knowledge and skills around key topics, impacting on how we practice medicine in the most hostile and challenging conditions.

The four consecutive high level conference days will each address a different theme of medicine in the extreme; Disaster and Humanitarian; Extreme, Expedition and Wilderness; Endurance Sports and Pre-Hospital Medicine. Practical sessions, workshops and smaller seminars will run concurrently throughout the conference schedule, including a special programme on vulnerable populations and the particular issues affecting women and children during humanitarian disasters.

Extreme Medicine ConferenceWhether you are new to or well-practiced in the field of extreme medicine, there will be something original and inspiring for you.


Its time for adventure!


Ultrasound of the Week is the brainchild of Dr Ben Smith at the University of Tennessee, Department of Emergency Medicine.

He created this amazing blog as a way to keep his residents thinking about bedside ultrasound throughout their training.

Described as a ‘junkie for the critically ill’ his blog leans towards this patient population and aims to improve treatment of the critically ill using this incredible tool.

Practice in paradise

Koh Rong Emergency Services and Medic programme was created by one man who spotted complete lack of medical care for locals and the growing population of tourists in Cambodia.

The project’s goal is to inspire and encourage the community to live and maintain safe, healthy lives through education and practice.

From teaching first aid to the local community to a 24/7 medic service, this project is about more than healthcare, it’s about improving the lives of the local community.

You can see more about what they do HERE. They are still looking for volunteer doctors, nurses and paramedics, so if you’re looking for something a little different, get in touch at

Seas this great opportunity

Windfall Films seek medical professionals to take part in a programme where adventurous sea lovers will retrace a famous voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

Find out more about this amazing opportunity HERE.

Join us in Slovenia

This October we’re taking our famous EWM course on the road to Slovenia. The course will be extended to a total of five days.

We’ll spend our mornings focusing on lectures, with afternoons dedicated to outdoor skills and specialised workshops.

The final night will see us camping wild under tarps, with heaps of camp-fire tales from our faculty and delegates.

On the final day of the course you’ll complete an extended search and rescue exercise where all of your acquired skills will be put to the test.

We’ve hired coaches to take you from the airport to the course location, so you just need to get yourself to Ljubljana airport on Sunday 2nd October and we’ll be waiting for you on the shores of the stunning Lake Bohinj.

The mountains are calling

For our altitude loving audience we now run a total of five exciting mountain medicine courses:

Everest Base Camp (5,380m)
Kilimanjaro (5,895m)
Aconcagua (6,961m)
Carstensz Pyramid (4,884m)
Bariloche Skiing & Avalanche course 

These course will test your physical and mental robustness, while challenging your ability to function in an expedition team.

By immersing yourself in these challenging environments you’ll find real cases requiring medical attention, plus you’ll visit medical facilities set up on the mountains and gain an insight into how they work and the challenges medics face.

Whether you’re looking for a non-technical ascent, high altitude trekking, a technical challenge or to learn invaluable information about snow-packs, we have something for you!

Join our experts for a life-changing high altitude expedition and learn the skills you’ll need to support teams around the world.

Not ready for the mountain? Join us this May in Plas y Brenin to lay the foundations of your expedition medicine knowledge.


New jobs, course news and working with South Georgia

Extreme Medicine


Plas y Brenin
National Mountain Centre

With plans in full swing, we’re super excited about our upcoming course in Wales.

We’ll bring together specialists from Antarctic Loogistics & Expeditions, experts in altitude, HEMS staff, Humanitarians, you name it we’ve got it!

Having recently returned from the summit of Chimborazo, the shores of Lesbos, diving in the Southern Ocean or completing the world’s toughest Arctic Ski race, our faculty are full of tales to inspire and knowledge to educate.

You’ll struggle to find a line up quite like this one!

To join the fun, you simply need to register via our website or email us for more details.

Extreme Medicine Edinburgh

World Extreme Medicine Conference

Some ticket types are already sold out for the World Extreme Medicine Conference… Don’t miss out on the extreme medicine gathering of the year!!

Hosted in the magnificent city of Edinburgh this years gathering is already beginning to gather pace and energy!

‘By far and away the best medical conference I have ever attended!’

Grab your ticket now!

Pre-hospital Care

The rapidly evolving and hugely varied world of pre-hospital care can present endless challenges to medics. Provision of high quality care in this environment significantly improves patient outcomes when faced with some of medicine’s most dynamic challenges.

Our Pre-hospital Trauma Care Workshops use cutting edge techniques and equipment in purpose built facilities, allowing for an immersive training experience. We’ll explore Crew Resource Management giving you transferable skills enabling you to get the best out of any team in any situation.

Check out our workshop dates coming up this year.

WEM working with South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands

World Extreme Medicine (WEM) is delighted to announce that we have been selected to work with and assist the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) to takee forward a review of the provision of medical support for visits to this UK Overseas Territory.

WEM will produce a clinical review and develop guidelines for minimum medical standards helping to ensure the safe operation of tourism and expedition vessels operating in sub Antarctic waters.

Medic needed for Kili’

Our friends at the Meningitis Research Foundation are planning a trek up Kilimanjaro and need a medic with altitude experience.

The planned trek is a little out of the ordinary as the team will be taking one of their supporters, who is a double amputee, up in a wheelchair.

The trip will take place during 13th – 24th May 2016, so if you’re looking to help make someone’s dreams come true, this could be just the thing for you.  For more information contact Ian at

Check out our Kilimanjaro Expedition & Safari to boost your altitude medicine and expedition skills.

Polar Medicine in New Zealand

Polar Medicine
New Zealand

A hands on course, featuring six days of Mountain & Polar Expedition Medicinewith a amazingly accomplished staff team situated in some of the south islands most stunning surroundings.

Last few places…


World Extreme Medicine (WEM) working with Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands.

World Extreme Medicine: Where Man Goes, Medicine Must FollowSGSSI arms

World Extreme Medicine (WEM) is delighted to announce that we have been selected to work with and assist the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) in taking forward a review of the provision of medical support for visits to this UK Overseas Territory. We will produce a clinical review and develop guidelines for minimum medical standards helping to ensure the safe operation of tourism and expedition vessels operating in sub Antarctic waters.

This review will clarify minimum standards for physicians seeking to work on vessels in remote polar maritime environments and for vessels carrying fee paying clients. Building on the work already undertaken for GSGSSI, WEM was selected to undertake this review based on our expert knowledge, experience of providing cover in remote areas and our extensive peer review network, enabling us to disseminate recommendations widely across the medical community.

GSGSSI is committed to facilitating visits that are safe, responsibly managed and environmentally sensitive. GSGSSI looks forward to working closely with WEM and the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) in the delivery and implementation of this

More about WEM

We live in an evolving world where the spread of rapid pandemics is not only a hypothetical concept but a reality, where terrorism makes its way on to our streets and refugees suffer in distress.

World Extreme Medicine is a global community of like-minded individuals offering an international conference, immersive training courses and a post-graduate academic programme.

Our World Extreme Medicine conference is a platform where inspiring medical minds meet, share experiences and promote cross-disciplinary working.   Our partners come from an eclectic range of disciplines; medicine to zoology, military to aero medical retrieval.  We introduce research, left field paradigms and innovation.  The energy is unparalleled and the presence of so many amazingly energetic minds creates an electrifying experience.

Our training portfolio gives medical professionals confidence to take their skills into challenging environments.  Join us in remarkable places like Namibia and the foothills of the Himalayas for fully immersive learning experiences, approved by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh FPHC (subject to assent).

Partnering in a unique co-venture with the University of Exeter Medical School, WEM developed the world’s first post-graduate qualification in Extreme Medicine.  The programme meets modern medicine’s clinical governance values and demonstrates core competencies for travel and expedition medicine.  The modular learning programme matches students’ interests and passions to achieve a Post-Graduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters in Extreme Medicine.

World Extreme Medicine is dedicated to sharing and spreading best practice for the world’s medical professionals, willing to risk themselves to help others.

More about South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) is a UK Overseas Territory, situated 800 miles South East of the Falkland Islands. The main island of South Georgia is approximately 170 km long and between 2 and 40 km wide and occupies an area of 3,755 km2, more than half of which is permanently ice covered. Mt Paget rises to 2,934 m and is the highest point in all UK mainland and territories. The South Sandwich Islands are a chain of eleven small volcanic islands stretching from 56-60oS, 550 km South East of South Georgia. SGSSI is administered by a Government based in Stanley, Falkland Islands. In recent years visitors to SGSSI have numbered over 9,000, mostly on cruise ships operated by members of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) who come to see SGSSI’s major populations of seabirds and marine mammals, including globally threatened species such as the wandering albatross.

(C) Mark Hannaford