Former Special Forces Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox joins the wemSKI faculty!


Source: Channel 4

WOW… wemSKI 2018 really is shaping up to be one incredible event; not only have we snapped up Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, but we’re excited to announce that wemSKI will also be playing host to ex-Special Forces veteran Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox.

Recognised most widely for instructing civilians through the SAS selection process on the Channel 4 reality series SAS: Who Dares Wins, Jason’s illustrious career began when he was 16 years old. After enlisting in the Royal Marine Commandos, he then went on to pass the gruelling 6-month selection process to enter the Special Forces, where he spent the remainder of his time in the military as an SF operator for the Special Boat Service (SBS). During his time with the forces, he conducted numerous roles across real time operations across the globe, ranging from Sergeant Team Leader, dog handler, demolitions expert and combat swimmer, to counter terrorist expert and bodyguard, before leaving in 2012.

Jason’s time is now split between being a TV and film consultant, and the charity he co-founded called Rock 2 Recovery, which helps armed forces personnel, veterans and their families in dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He also travels around the world as a keynote speaker, as well as running a company that provides Special Forces experiences to the corporate world.

This wealth of experience will be invaluable to those attending the wemSKI event, to which Jason will be bringing his vast real-world knowledge. Delegates will learn about the physical and psychological challenges in extreme pressurised environments, building emotional resilience in the face of adversity, the virtues of strong leadership in hostile locations, plus much more.

We are very excited to have Jason on board this January, and we’re sure that those of you attending will learn more than you bargained for… though don’t fret, that won’t include discovering whether you can undergo the punishing Special Forces selection process.

You will, however, be part of a select gathering of people for a week of inspiration, networking, learning and a healthy dose of ski-therapy on the slopes!

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The amazing ‘Eddie the Eagle’ is joining us for wemSKI 2018

When it comes to announcing one of the key speakers at wemSKI in Livigno, Italy next year, this man needs no introductions…. He is, of course, Britain’s most loveable ski jumper the infamous Eddie ‘the eagle’ Edwards.

Eddie captured the nation’s hearts at the ’88 Winter Olympics in Calgary for his ‘can-do’ attitude and sheer determination and we’re sure he will do the same at wemSKI, sharing his many experiences on and off the slopes, plus inspiring winter tales from around the world. Eddie, alongside our other key speakers and guests, will help you further understand real-world experiences of extreme physical and psychological challenges as well as impacts of stressors, and for an athlete, it doesn’t get more stressful than competing in an Olympic Games.

As any Olympic athlete will tell you, the training and participation in an Olympic Games is an extremely challenging experience both mentally and physically. Pushing your body to the extreme, and in the case of Eddie and other winter sport Olympians, putting yourself in potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations in the pursuit of victory, even if personal success doesn’t equal a place on a podium.

Eddie is no stranger to requiring medical assistance on the mountains having suffered 30 injuries throughout his career, some of them life-changing. Eddie has damaged a kidney and fractured many bones, including his skull, twice, and so has first-hand experience of how important extreme medicine can be when you find yourself injured and incapacitated on the side of a mountain.

If a week of networking and learning from amazing and inspirational medics as well as exceptional experts in extreme physical and psychological areas sounds like fun (plus don’t forget about the free time to hit the slopes) – book your wemSKI place today!


How we supported Mark Beaumont’s EPIC record breaking challenge…

When record-breaking endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont, contacted us regarding his world record breaking attempt of cycling around the world in 80 days; to see if we could help support him on this amazing, crazy adventure we jumped at the chance.

We are delighted to say that his incredible effort and hard work paid off, and he cycled around the world in a total time of 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes; creating new records as well as breaking old ones.

We were extremely honoured to be part of his ‘home’ team. WEM faculty and former Paralympic Lead Physiotherapist for British Athletics, Laura Penhaul, was Mark’s performance coach throughout the entire trip and provided constant medical support 24/7 alongside his crew, whilst our own team back home offered technical support and a reach-back facility.

As with any expedition of this nature, there was an enormous amount of planning and pre-expedition training undertaken with the ground team and all the amazing medics supporting Mark on this incredible feat of human endurance. It’s a real testament to Mark, his entire team and the training they received; that Mark came through this challenge relatively unscathed, and where medical intervention was required it was handled as effectively as possible given the challenging environments they found themselves in.

The WEM team were on call 24 hours a day, there were a few instances where our assistance was required; such as Mark’s tumble on day 9. This resulted in Laura’s first ever attempt at emergency dental work after seeking advice from WEM Dentist, Burjor Langdana, former British Antarctic Survey Dentist. We also drafted in Andrew Murray, a Sports Medicine doctor and a speaker at WEMs annual Extreme Medicine conference who advised on an injury to his elbow.

These injuries, of course, didn’t stop Mark and after close monitoring by the team, he was back on his bike within a couple of hours ready to complete his required daily 240 miles. It is this drive and determination that has enabled Mark to achieve this remarkable physical feat alongside a well-planned and organised team who supported him through this endeavour.

Congratulations once again Mark and Laura, we can’t wait to hear you both talk about your experiences at this year’s 2017 World Extreme Medicine Conference in November.

We still have places available should you want to see Mark and WEM Faculty, Laura, present in Edinburgh. Book your place today!


3 ‘must read’ reasons why you need to attend wemSKI 2018…

WEM are extremely excited to be launching a brand new mini-conference ‘wemSKI’. A gathering of people less ordinary for a week of inspiration, networking and learning with 110 kilometres of awesome ski runs to take advantage of right on the doorstep!!

Event:              wemSKI
Dates:              20th – 27th January 2018
Location:         Livigno, Italian Alps

Here are 3 excellent reasons why you need to attend:

Networking: this is the perfect event to converse with your counterparts and colleagues from around the world as well as meeting an eclectic mix of world-renowned experts such as Dr Mike Stroud, Prof Chris Imray, and ESA’s Dr Beth Healey, mountaineer Cathy O’Dowd, the first woman to climb Everest from both sides and Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox of SAS; Who Dares Wins. Plus, Eddie the Eagle who needs no introduction, Dave Pearce Everest summiteer and Aldo Kane Safety Directors for Bear Grylls and Steve Backshall, Antarctic medic Ben Cooper, WEM founder Mark Hannaford, hostage & ransom negotiator Martin Brennan and clinical psychologist Dr Nathan Smith.

Inspiration: we are super proud to have been able to attract so many extraordinary speakers; from maverick mountain and Antarctic medics to record-breaking and adventurous mountaineers, plus ridiculously talented, intelligent and utterly outstanding experts in extreme physical and psychological areas who will be speaking and personally sharing their experiences and advice that will help mould the medical future – we cannot wait!

Learning: where else can you enhance your knowledge, and increase your skill set to ensure you are in the best position possible to further your medical career; whilst staying in one of Europe’s leading winter locations. This mini-conference will centre around real-world experiences of extreme physical and psychological challenges, impacts of stressors, excellence in leadership, medicine in the extremes and much more.

This one of a kind event is like no other; with 5 afternoons of inspiring and exciting content from our fabulous experts and speakers; whilst mornings can be spent out on the slopes traversing down the Italian Alps enjoying a few hours of downtime.

Be one of the first to experience wemSKI and be part of something amazing, book your place today!

P.S. You can now receive a 10% discount on your wemSKI booking when you book the World Extreme Medicine Conference – WEM17, 25th – 27th November in Edinburgh and wemSKI by the end of October 2017. To take advantage of this combined deal contact WEM with your WEM17 booking receipt to receive the discount code.



NEW.. wemSKI; where medicine, snow & inspiration meet..

WEM are extremely excited to be launching a brand new mini-conference ‘wemSKI’. A gathering of people less ordinary for a week of inspiration, networking and learning with 110 kilometres of awesome ski runs right on the doorstep!!

Join inspiring medics such as Dr Mike Stroud, Prof Chris Imray, and ESA’s Dr Beth Healey, mountaineer Cathy O’Dowd, the first woman to climb Everest from both sides, Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox of SAS; Who Dares Wins, Eddie the Eagle who needs no introduction, Dave Pearce Everest summiteer and Aldo Kane Safety Directors for Bear Grylls and Steve Backshall, Antarctic medic Ben Cooper, WEM founder Mark Hannaford, hostage & ransom negotiator Martin Brennan and clinical psychologist Dr Nathan Smith.

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Medic jobs in South Pacific for major TV project

WEM are looking for doctors, nurses and paramedics to provide medical cover for a major TV project in the SOUTH PACIFIC in the first 6 months of 2018. Positions ranging from 6 weeks to 5 months are available. This is a salaried position with flights, accommodation, food & insurance included.


The post involves a mixture of clinic work, remote work site medical cover, local and international evacuations as well as on-call commitments.

For doctors and nurses a background in emergency medicine or general practice is preferred but other specialties may be considered. Previous experience of working in remote areas is essential as is the ability to work in small teams, flexibility and a sense of humour.

Applicants must be available for a briefing weekend 14/15th October 2018 in the Peak District.

For more information please email a CV and a covering note to Annabel at at World Extreme Medicine

#BeExtreme. Meet employers at the World Extreme Medicine Conference WEM17 25-27 November, Edinburgh.

Medics Evacuation Training

World Extreme Medicine provides remote medical services to Survivor TV Series


Competition time! 

Be an Inspiration!

We are on the hunt for an inspirational image to be used on the WEM Conference app. The winner will receive a WEM goody bag which will include a WEM Dry Bag and a WEM T-Shirt of your choice, you will also be credited on the app! You can download the app here:

You can submit a maximum of two images and your image needs to be square, of good quality and inspiring!

Competition closes on 31st August 2017. Please send images to The winner will be chosen and notified by 29th September 2017.

Good Luck!

Shape your medical career and meet maverick medics doing something different!


6 excellent reasons to attend the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2017. #WEM17

Now in its 6th year, the 3 day World Extreme Medicine Conference is a powerful and high-profile event, created to break down barriers, build bridges and make connections within the extreme medicine community.

It is recognised for its world-renowned speakers, its authoritative and innovative content, plus its contribution to sharing information for those practising medicine in the most remote and austere environments known to humankind.

This amazing worldwide gathering of eclectic medical minds, thought-leaders and extreme adventurers gives you access to one of the most energetic and unique networks in the universe – a truly compelling and enticing proposition for our global audience of medical professionals.

6 excellent reasons to attend the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2017:

• World-renowned speakers – we’re able to attract an extraordinary selection of speakers who will share their extreme experiences in fascinating talks, explain field-proven techniques, promote new approaches and best practices, and inform and educate fellow medics about the key issues and challenges being faced today in the world of extreme medicine.

• Topics – the conference brings together four disparate but overlapping medical fields in one arena: Pre-Hospital, Disaster & Humanitarian, Expedition, and Extreme Medicine. As well as covering rescue equipment, medical supplies, generalist expedition and remote environmental kit, pharmaceuticals, and innovations and communications equipment and services.

• Hands on experience – we host practical workshops on field-proven techniques and ‘hacks’ to inspire and enhance your skills, helping you to become a more effective and highly valued practitioner of remote medicine.

• Networking – where else can you meet face-to-face and share experiences with a diverse mix of world-renowned experts in their fields; from Arctic explorers to vascular surgeons, remote medics, to NASA & ESA personnel. Plus, the opportunity to converse with your counterparts and colleagues from around the world.

• Further your career – enhance your knowledge and increase your skillset to ensure you are in the best position possible to further your medical career and become a more effective and highly valued practitioner. The World Extreme Medicine Conference is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) for 6 CPD credits per day.

• One of a kind event – our medical conference is one like no other. The energy is unparalleled and the presence of so many awe-inspiring, talented, clever minds creates an electrifying experience you can’t afford to miss!

World Extreme Medicine Conference 2017 from World Extreme Medicine on Vimeo.

Be part of the world’s biggest gathering of extreme medics; dedicated to preparing, inspiring, sharing and connecting medical knowledge with you! #BeExtreme.

N.B. If you are unable to attend our conference, you will be able to listen to many of the talks on our podcast called ‘WEMcast’:

Book now. http://www.extrememedicineexpo.

Extreme Medicine Conference


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MSc in Extreme Medicine; not limited to one extreme

The world’s first MSc in Extreme Medicine, a collaborative project between World Extreme Medicine and the University of Exeter Medical School isn’t focused on a single extreme its looks at all of them.

The program prepares its students for the diverse medical fields of expedition, humanitarian, disaster and space medicine through didactic teaching combined with experiential residential courses presented by a world class faculty aiming to inspire but also provide training and tools that will benefit your everyday medical career…

MSc in Extreme Medicine at the University of Exeter Medical School delivered in coloration with World Extreme Medicine

Find out more here


Neckar Island is recruiting medics

The Emergency Responder and Health and Safety officer on Neckar Island is a diverse role for whom we are looking for a vibrant Branson recruits remote medicsand confident medical professional who doesn’t mind something a bit different to the usual medical job.

A minimum of a 1 year contract, we are looking for a Nurse, Paramedic or Doctor who is interested in remote medicine and preferably has experience in tropical disease, dive medicine and first aid training.

Please follow link for more information:

Or contact Sophie Hartley on: or +12843933000

Neckar Island