Medical Innovation in Remote Medicine

We have shortlisted 6 Hackathon Challenges for Extreme Medicine ’15 – which one do you vote for?Remote medicine innovation

Simply reply with 1, 2 ect to indicate your favourite – please also been free to make suggestions – if we feel they are better that ours that you might find yours taken up!!!

1. Small deployable surgical system for disasters and military units; a ‘Theatre in a Box kit’ that could be used for almost any surgical intervention
2. Single water disinfection system for 4 – 4000 litres
3. Portable cold chain for storing vaccine and blood supplies
4. Autonomous, pocket-sized diagnostic system for patient/ casualty transfers for ECG, BP, SATS…
5. Small portable O2 system which doesn’t explode!!
6. Access to personal hygiene and simple medications in immigration camps in Calais

To Vote: Please visit the EWM Facebook page, why not ‘lie’ us at the same time!!

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INNOVATION PLATFORM IN REMOTE MEDICINE @ Extreme Medicine ’15 £10,000 cash prize

INNOVATION PLATFORM @ Extreme Medicine ’15

The Extreme Medicine Innovation Platform is offering a £10,000 cash prize to startups within the extreme medicine space.

We’re inviting startups in the field of extreme medicine to showcase their thinking and groundbreaking ideas in order to support innovation within the medical community. The Innovation Platform serves to create investment opportunities for startups to continue funding their cutting-edge work.

All individuals and organisations within the medical space are invited to enter the competition and after careful consideration, a shortlist of entrants will be asked to present their ideas at the Extreme Medicine Expo.

The Extreme Medicine Expo is an exciting opportunity for startups as it provides a platform for innovative medical ideas to be heard by industry experts and potential investors. Each shortlisted entrant will have a chance to present at the conference to panellists and attendees.

A final list of 3 startups will be given an opportunity to present on the main conference stage, after which, the startup with the most impactful and innovative idea will win a £10,000 cash prize.

Any startups currently in development may enter. If you think your organisation has significant potential in the area of extreme medicine, meets an unmet challenge and offers a potential new solution, please enter your details here


Medicine Conference - Extreme Medicine


65 Degrees North – Guest Post

I joined 65 Degrees North back in July 2014…after a coffee with the team manager and an overview of the project. Feeling inspired my mouth uttered the words ‘I can ski’. Three words that sealed my fate as being the Doctor responsible for assisting Pete Bowker, an amputee from the recent conflict in Afghanistan, and three other ex-serviceman in their attempt to cross the Greenland ice cap- unsupported.

Why? How? and so many other questions entered my head. I was [am] a GP who has worked with Disability Sport, and various international sporting events over the last 15 years. But me- a mum with two young children.. go on an expedition?..  Had I ever been in polar conditions?- No, did I have ANY expedition experience?- No. And So, what to do…. get information from those who did.

I spent months meeting with polar doctors, expedition experts, and other females who had completed polar expeditions. Gaining little pearls like how to wee in a bottle when the temperatures are hitting minus 35 outside the tent walls, to how to keep your feet warm at night time. How to manage blisters, frost nip and generally keep everyone going for the duration.

Momentum gathered and D-Day fast approached. A training week in Norway in February helped to familiarise the team with the skis, boots, tents and cooking equipment. It also served as an important team bonding week.

And so May was upon us… Copenhagen stop over, next stop Greenland. Kit inspection and an early start up to the ice cap.

28 days. Weather watching, tent routines, daily ward rounds, blister management, pain relief… marathon days of skiing, pulling pulks weighing more than me. White out days, blizzards and wind speeds of up to 33m/s and temperatures down to minus 37.

Crevasse fields, polar bear watch, rescuing team members, roping up and the final day of 17 hours skiing.

Medical encounters:- several. Main complaints blisters and MSK problems.

Lessons learnt:- requirements for this type of challenge are be inquisitive, knock on doors, find someone who has and interrogate them. Learn from their mistakes.

It was an honour to be part of this project. Pete is a truly inspirational individual, and every day proved that we can all achieve more than what we expect. Would I do it again? YES.

Facebook:- 65 degrees north

Twitter:- @65degnorth



Extreme Medicine ’15; A unique gathering of inspiring minds

Extreme Medicine ’15

Remote Medicine is set to change rapidly as technology produces solutions much more portable, adaptable and affordable.  In the same way that home computing changed our lives irrevocably the development of this portability will alter the provision of remote health care beyond recognition.

If you an already established practitioner of remote medicine, or hope to be, or just want to be inspire about you can use your medical degree in an amazing way then you won’t want to miss the amazing gathering…

Be at the forefront of change and join us at the world’s largest gathering of ‘extreme medics’ 

‘There is just more’

Extreme Medicine ’15 is all about inspiring innovating,educating and building networks – we honoured that we are gathering some of worlds the most inspiring and forwarding thinking medical professionals in one place and building on our success we intend this years gathering to be the very best yet.

With 2 concurrent sessions each daycareer sessions and daily workshopsthere is plethora of choice plus image galleries from MSF, War Child, NASA and others and to be announced very soon a ‘little bit of stardust’….

Extreme expo – workshop highlight

Frostbite in the field: delivered by A&E Charge Nurse, Expedition Medic and Expedition Medicine faculty member Ben Cooper. Since early on in EWM’s life Ben has been inspiring budding expedition medics with innovative ideas and practical solutions to wound management in resource poor environments.

This workshop will bring you practical and learnt-on-the-job lessons from Ben’s time working with Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions. This fantastic workshop will only be held on day 4 and there are limited spaces available.

If you’d like to learn from Ben’s extensive experience register your interest with us HERE or click THIS LINK to be taken to the Expo main site.

A unique gathering of inspiring minds…

What other medical conference do you get Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Lord Nigel Crisp, urban explorer Lucinda Grange, NASA & International Space Station medic Dr Michael Barrett, Parkour Generation Founder Dan Edwardes and inspirational pre hospital specialists such as Prof. Tim Harris and Scotland’s Emergency Medical Retrieval Service founder Dr Steven Hearns all speaking in the same place

Lord Mayor of London

Thank you to the Mayor of London for his support…
“The work that you are doing in world extreme medicine, innovation and climate change, and the support you give to medical staff working and children and families living in these remote and challenging environments, is extremely important, and I hope the conference is a fantastic success.” Boris Johnson

Book here…

To secure your place just click here – really nothing extreme about this bit of the experience.

Registration Page


Leading experts call for improved healthcare response to humanitarian disasters

(c) Rob Holden

Ebola and the impacts of disease – mortailty amoungst health workers in Sierra Leonne

To coincide with World Humanitarian Day, a number of the country’s leading medical and NGO experts are calling for an urgent review of the way that healthcare is delivered to those most in need during and in the aftermath of a crisis.

  • Leading experts call for urgent review of disaster and crisis healthcare
  • This must be achieved through increased integration and shared-learning
  • Lessons must be learned from recent crises in West Africa and Syria

News Release |Wednesday 19 August 2015

The Extreme Medicine Conference is a vital forum to bring the best minds from around the globe together to share and most importantly disseminate information and learning from disparate healthcare specialties.

They bring expertise from diverse environments to develop best practice that is the foundation of healthcare delivery on the frontline. Speakers at the conference will define the necessary proactive rather than reactive response to emergencies, as exemplified by the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Part of this is recognising and deploying the widest range of skillsets in a crisis, and facilitating joined up working across geopolitical boundaries.

‘Extreme medicine’ refers to the provision of medical care outside of conventional settings, typically in low resource environments that exist as a consequence of sudden onset disasters, conflict zones or being expeditionary locations. The medics who work in these remote settings are in a position to universally share relevant knowledge and experience as well as research and techniques with one another. A key benefit of this is integration with local medics delivering healthcare on the ground. It is these skills which experts suggest need to be recognised and cohesively deployed to relevant humanitarian disasters.

Dr Sean Hudson, Remote Medicine Specialist and Extreme Conference organizer said, “The Extreme Medicine Conference brings together specialists from disaster medicine under one roof so we can see and learn from other clinicians operating in other environments. It is one small step in terms of improved disaster response. Global disasters are going to be inevitably more frequent as a result of climate change and we should be on the front foot. Extreme medicine and global health need to be further recognised to allow for better responses across the world.”

Nick Gent, Deputy Head of Emergency Response at PHEExtreme medicine practitioners come from a range of specialisms but they work in closely related areas so there’s a huge amount that can be shared between them. We have to look back and think about learning for the future, we have to always think about we can improve responses to issues such as Ebola.”

Ivan Gayton, Technological Innovation Adviser with the Manson Unit at Médecins Sans Frontières UK, said: “In order to provide effective health responses to those most in need, we must bring disciplines from all areas of remote and extreme medicine together to share learnings and knowledge. By doing this we can truly understand the constraints of the environments where the most urgent care is needed and draw on the experiences of those in the field to understand what would deliver the most successful outcome.”

Rob Williams, CEO of War Child, Charity partner to the Extreme Medicine Conference said, “Nobody is more vulnerable in conflict than children and War Child work closely with their parents and local staff to ensure they are getting the treatment they so desperately need. They are in dire need of urgent psychological support to help them come to terms with the traumas they have experienced and witnessed. But we want to respond quicker on a global scale and by humanitarian workers and medics from all fields sharing knowledge, we can all learn from each other and reach the optimum response. This is the ethos of the World Extreme Medicine Conference and why War Child is proud to a partner this year.”


For more information and/or to arrange interviews with spokespeople, please contact:

Julia Flint | freuds | | 0203 003 6593 or 07773331815

Jessica Hampton | freuds | |0203 003 6415 or 07949 717217

Notes to editors:

  • The Extreme Medicine Conference is home to the world’s most adventurous doctors, medics and experts in remote, expedition, humanitarian, disaster and pre-hospital medicine. These global thought leaders have gathered to share universally relevant knowledge and experience, research and techniques in a stimulating, interactive and accessible forum.
  • With sessions on everything from prosthetics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and the future of medical transplantation, the World Extreme Medicine Conference is also at the forefront of medical innovation.
  • The Extreme Medicine Conference has partnered with some of the world’s most active organisations and charities pushing the edge of human endeavour including War Child, Medicines Sans Frontiers, NASA and the Society for Experimental Biology.
  • Expedition & Wilderness Medicine (EWM) is a leading provider of remote medical training to doctors, nurses and paramedics from across the globe.  It teaches the clinical mind-set and practical skills necessary to be able to perform effectively and provide safe and effective medical care in low resource, hostile and austere environments.
  • Now in its fourth year, the conference challenges thinking, forges connections and introduces new ideas about delivering medicine in some of the world’s most challenging settings.  The conference brings together four disparate yet overlapping medical fields in one arena: Pre-Hospital, Disaster & Humanitarian, Expedition Medicine and Global Health, with experts in each field presenting the latest thinking and techniques, and sharing their inspiring stories. Venue information, Central Hall Westminster, 26-29 October, 2015:

  • World Humanitarian Day recognizes those who face danger and adversity in order to help others. For more information, please visit:

Medicine Conference - Extreme Medicine


EWMi – The Clock’s Ticking.

Time’s running out for the EWMi opportunity in Dartmoor

Below is the information from our blog post earlier this year, which will tell you all you need to know to apply for our next intern opportunity!

We are a friendly, easy going, but hard working bunch who are used to long days, little rest and working together to get a job done. We do this with a ready smile and a can do attitude which very much reflects the EWM philosophy. As an intern we’d like you to be slot into our team straight away and be happy to muck in when and wherever we need you.

If you’re interested in joining us as an intern, you will need to make your own way to the course location on the afternoon prior to the course and remain until we are packed away on the final day. You’ll stay in the faculty accommodation and may be required to assist with almost any part of setting up the course; everything from setting up seating, packing med bags, sorting out kit or directing course delegates to specific locations. In return, while with us as, we will make every effort to ensure you are able to attend each lecture and workshop and of course, you’ll get to know our incredible faculty.

The next intern position available, will be for our Expedition & Wilderness Medicine course based in Dartmoor 16-19 November. You’ll need to get yourself to the venue, but we will provide all your home comforts for you.  For all UK course dates click HERE

We welcome applications from the UK and overseas but are not able to reimburse travel expenses.  To submit your application for consideration, please send us:

  • A recent CV with an outdoor image of yourself (we reserve the right to use this image for marketing purposes).
  • Something that tells us about you and your achievements – this can take any form, but use this as your opportunity to sell yourself to us.
  • A covering letter telling us why you would make a good intern – max 300 words.

In return we only ask for your good humour, entertaining company, a course write up to be supplied to us with one month and agreement to make yourself available for a telephone interview post course.

Email your enquiries and submissions to

To ensure you receive our emails make sure you add us to you safe senders list!

Courses of interest


Take a look at our latest newsletter to find out more about the amazingly adventurous Dr Andrew Peacock


Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

Have you booked your place for Dartmoor ’15? We’ll host our next Expedition & Wilderness Medicine course, 16 – 19 November and have new additional content on offer. Places are filling up fast, so if you’re keen to kick-start your Expedition Medicine career join us North Devon.

What’s a ‘traditional’ medicine career?

Dr Andrew Peacock works with us as a faculty member and also as Medical Director for Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Australia. Andrew recently spoke with about his adventurous career, giving an insight into how he balances a passion for outdoor pursuits and medicine. Click HERE to learn what makes the most adventurous of medics tick.

Poster competition

We’re super pleased with our new look Extreme Medicine Conference website. We’ve just added a page for our poster competition.
We’ve made it nice and easy for you to register and submit your abstract. Click HERE to be taken straight to the poster page.

Blogging for all the right reasons.

According to Uncharted Expeditions, “PTSD is a growing epidemic and the dialogue needs to continue for others to step out of the silence and get help”. In this blog one paramedic is finding peace in the mountains and she’s sharing her experiences.
This is a frank and brave blog, but one that is of great value to the writer and will hopefully help many others along the way. THIS LINK will take you straight there.

Antarctic job opportunity

The University of Texas Medical Branch is looking for an Emergency or Family Medicine physician with acute care experience to join them at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
You must have US citizenship, a US medical license and a love for dark snowy places.
The clinical load will is light, but the opportunity to work in this remote location should appeal to physicians interested in extreme and altitude medicine. This role provides a number of rare experiences like a view of the Aurora Australis and Milky Way from a perspective few others are fortunate experience.
Visit our jobs page HERE for more information and the relevant application contact details.

Kili’ opportunity

Action Challenge are looking for a medic to join their Kilimanjaro expedition, August 20 – 30. This expedition will follow the Lemosho route. The medic must be a fully qualified doctor – altitude experience and expedition medicine course attendance is preferred, but not essential and expenses for the trip will be covered.
If you’re looking for an adventure taking you up the world’s highest free standing mountain and are keen to tick off one of the Seven Summits, this could be right up your street.
For more information, take a look at the job advert HERE or to contact Action Challenge direct, call James Holland on +44 (0)20 7609 6695.

It’s your time to shine

If you have a story to share or know we want to hear from you. Blogs, vlogs interviews etc. are all welcomed, click HERE to share your experiences.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Courses


New roles overseas

WeFind medical jobs in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Gulf Region, Canada and UK through Head Medical‘re delighted to be working with specialist international medical recruiter Head Medical to promote some of their more interesting roles.

Arranging a position overseas is exciting, but Head Medical understand that it can also be a complex and time-consuming process. They’re the UK’s specialist in international medical recruitment and have helped many Doctors relocate since first starting in 2008. They know it’s important to balance career opportunities with lifestyle so they’ll talk through your plans and get to know you to make sure they find the right role in the right location.

Once they’ve secured a job for you, they’ll manage the Medical Registration and Visa application process, and support you throughout the relocation.

Check out these incredible opportunities:

3 permanent GP positions available with a well-established rural private practice based in Western Alberta.

This is an excellent chance to experience and explore the stunning natural beauty of Canada; you will be working with and making a positive impact on a local community while being exceptionally rewarded with high earnings and excellent benefits.

  • Earnings of £162,000 to over £270,000 per annum
  • CAN $10,000 towards relocation costs
  • Accommodation is available; either single units or family homes. These are all paid for apart from utilities (which are at a reduced rate)
  • Car hire paid for 1 year

The Role

Working closely with the local community, the practice aims to effectively and efficiently develop and administer programs and services. You will be working on a fee for service basis.

The practice is open 5 days per week, 8.30am – 5pm. There are also emergency on-calls at the local hospital (on average they will be 6-10 per month but more shifts are available). Weekend rates are higher during the week. As this is a rural position you will need to have skills in Emergency Medicine.


  • To be considered for this position you must have MRCGP (acquired through examination)
  • You will ideally have your ATLS, BASICS or proven trauma and emergency medicine experience

For further information, contact Yan Scouller on 0131 240 5274 or email


  • Challenging and complex medicine
  • Fantastic clinical job
  • Unique environment – adventure of a lifetime
  • Supportive and enthusiastic colleagues
  • Lucrative remuneration package and benefits

​This is an amazing opportunity for a General Physician with an adventurous spirit and desire to make a difference to the health and well-being of an amazing community in outback Australia.

The job is arguably the most exciting general medicine position in Australia and would attract a committed and dynamic medical professional who can think on their feet, work autonomously and enjoy one of the most remote places on earth that also has unique health challenges.

Based within a township some 300 km from Darwin you will also continue to develop a significant outreach program that has already made some instrumental gains in health care in the region.

There are very high rates of rheumatic heart disease, glomerulonephritis, diabetic retinopathy, infectious diseases and respiratory illnesses. Most of the health care issues are poverty related with life expectancy being only 45 in the region. Applicants with interests in renal, infectious diseases, respiratory, gastroenterology, cardiology or endocrinology will be highly regarded and would add real value to the service.

This position would suit General Physicians qualified in either the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada or South Africa. Your communication skills will be first class and you must be interested in working within a cross-cultural environment, across all ages.

A first class remuneration package (circa GBP150k and above plus benefits) will be awarded.

For further information, contact Alasdair Spinner on 0131 240 5276 or email

Physician with an adventurous spirit required for an outback town in North West Queensland. If you are looking for a total change in practise and experience, this role could be for you.

We are seeking a General Physician to join a team in Mount Isa Hospital, which is also considered a centre of excellence for remote and rural training.

  • Competitive remuneration package (up to AUD$400k dependent on experience)
  • Experience the real Australian Outback
  • Wide variety of cases and opportunities to teach
  • Opportunity to make a real difference
  • We support you in obtaining medical registration and work visa
  • You will have broad range of experience and enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team setting

The Medical Ward has 24 beds and consultative services are provided to the surgical and maternity wards. In addition, there is a 5-bed high dependency unit. Most referrals arise from acute medical cases seen by the emergency department or from medical, diabetic or specialist outreach Outpatient Clinics.

Ideally you will hold FRACP (or equivalent specialist qualification), and be registered or eligible for registration with the Medical Board of Australia as a Senior Medical Officer or Specialist Physician. You must have also experience and interest in working with remote and rural communities.

The Location

Although Mount Isa is a small town, established as a result of the mining industry, it is home to a variety of different cultures with a population of 25,000 and services a region spanning 300,000 square kilometres. Jump in the four wheel drive and explore the outback, do a bit of fishing, or camp out under the stars. And if you’ve never been to a rodeo, this could your chance.

The local airport has regular flights to Brisbane and ongoing international connections.

In this role, you will experience a supportive community and a relaxed lifestyle in a truly unique environment, as well as a diverse patient mix and an excellent remuneration package.

For further information, contact Caroline O’Hagan on 0131 240 5276 or email


Fantastic management and clinical opportunity, giving you the chance to lead a vital service with an outstanding salary and benefits package on offer.

  • Salary £220,722 to £261,763 per year
  • Housing at a subsidised rental rate
  • Car provided
  • End of service gratuity

The Role

An enthusiastic Senior Medical Officer (SMO) required to lead a team in the beautiful East Kimberley region of Western Australia, based in Kununurra. The East Kimberley SMO position is a combined clinical and administrative role responsible for administrative duties and supervision/support for other medical staff working in the Kununurra, Wyndham and Halls Creek hospitals. The SMO reports to the Operations Manager at Kununurra Hospital, working closely with each site’s Director of Nursing and liaises with the Kimberley Director of Medical Services on operational and strategic issues for the hospitals. Clinical duties will include involvement in the Emergency Department and/or GP Clinic at each hospital.

Appointment to this position is based on skills and experience with a minimum requirement of 12 years’ experience in general practice environment.

Experience in rural hospital settings desired. The Kimberley region has a high Aboriginal population as well as a large transient population, which impact the health services. Three quarters of attendance to hospitals with in the Kimberley are for semi-urgent and non-urgent. The leading cause of emergency attendance for Kimberley residents are skin related diseases and disorders; injuries; toxic or drug effects; ear, nose, throat respiratory system problems. This is a fixed term position with the opportunity to work flexible hours allowing time off for professional development and long holidays.

For further information, contact Yan Scouller on 0131 240 5274 or email

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine logo
Attend an Expedition & Wilderness Medicine training course to enhance your employability.




Calling snow-loving doctors!

Life-changing opportunity for a physician to deploy to the North Poleutmb-Polar-Ops-Side-Banner_2 with the US Center for Polar Medical Operations (CPMO).

You’ll need to be a US citizen, have a US medical licence, hold a valid passport and not averse to the cold, the snow and the dark!  In return, you’ll have a unique experience, enjoyed by few others on the planet.  You’ll be rewarded with fantastic other-worldly snow-scapes and acres of stars in night-time Polar skies.

The CPMO is hosted at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).  Here, they support the National Science Foundation’s US Antarctic Program (USAP) and they seek a doctor to work at one of the scientific research stations in Antarctica.

The Amundsen-Scott South Pole station is one of the most isolated places on earth. CPMO are looking for an Emergency or Family Medicine physician with acute care experience who is up for the challenge of working at 10,000 feet during the depths of the Antarctic Winter.

While the clinical load is light, the opportunity to work in this remote situation will be attractive to physicians with interests in extreme/remote or altitude medicine.  Practice medicine under the Aurora Australis and see the Milky Way as few others ever will, all while providing health care to the station crew.

The South Pole Station carries out exciting research in astronomy, weather, geology and supports other science missions. Deployments are 9 months, and US citizenship is required.  Warm, shared accommodation is provided as are  recreational facilities, internet and telephone access.  CPMO are also recruiting for winter staff at the McMurdo and Palmer Stations.

For more information, please visit or

Call 409-772-3626 if you are interested or apply on-line at


Polar Medicine Course
World Extreme Medicine Conference



Expedition & Wilderness Medicine and Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo.

Have you used ‘WEMEEXPO15SPECIAL30′ ? There’s only 8 days left to take advantage of this massive 30% off the Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo tickets. Full Ts&CsHERE

Dive Medicine – Raja Ampat

Only 1 space remaining!
From September 21, we’ll be spending 11 days exploring the under water paradise of Raja Ampat. Home to over 1,050 divers fish species, 537 coral species and 6999 mollusc species, this stunning location is considered by many divers to have the richest composition of sea life anywhere in the world.
During this exciting expedition you’ll be staying on the liveaboard Shakti, taking part in up to three dives per day, with up to two hours of CME per day – leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your surroundings and share experiences with your fellow delegates and faculty.
If you’d like to snap up the last space email us HERE and we’ll hold the space for the first person to get in touch.
For more information on this trip clickHERE.

Polar Medicine – New Zealand

In a little over two weeks we’ll be enjoying the snowy wonders of the Southern Alps, and we now have capacity for a couple more delegates to join us.
Our highly experienced team will develop your specialist skills with practical sessions giving you hands on experience of rescuing and treating cold water immersion, frostbite, altitude related illnesses and hypothermia. Essential cold weather skills such as building shelters, snowshoeing and dog sledding will all be included.
If you’re thinking of applying your medical skills in a cold environment, you can’t go wring by starting here.
For more information on Polar Medicine click HERE.
If you’d like further information on our Polar and Mountain courses the check out THIS LINK.

Kili’ medic opportunity

Action Challenge are looking for a medic to join their Kilimanjaro expedition June 30 – August 09 2015. The expedition will be following the Machame route. The medic must be a fully qualified doctor – altitudue experience and expedition medicine course attendance preferred but not essential. Expenses for the trip will be covered.
Contact James Holland +44 (0)20 7609 6695 for more info.

Conference news

Keep your eyes peeled for a special newsletter this weekend with conference announcements that you just wont want to miss!

Poster Competition Liaison

James Yates works for the Great Western Air Ambulance as a Critical Care Paramedic. James has worked nationally and internationally, as a clinician and educator, as well as spending time with HART and UK-Med.
After completing an Expedition & Wilderness Medicine course, James has worked on various events across the world and we’re please he can now use his skills to assist us.
To entre our poster competition for the Extreme Medicine Conference email usHERE