A message to Extreme Medicine from NASA, WEM’16 is getting closer, Mountain Medicine in Nepa and RS(ed) accreditation news

A message to Extreme Medicine from NASA, WEM’16 is getting closer, Mountain Medicine in Nepa and RS(ed) accreditation news
Extreme Medicine Conference Edinburgh 18-21 November

Royal College of Surgeons accreditation

RCS(Ed) is so happy with the WEM Pre-Hospital Trauma Care workshop they have awarded a top 10 CPD points.

The next course is 12-13 November and places are limited so don’t miss out make sure you book now!

‘The Trauma workshop enables practitioners to effectively treat acutely ill patients in a constantly changing pre-hospital environment’.

Where will medicine take you?

Numerous talks at Extreme Medicine ’16 will focus on portfolio careers and the gathering offers the world’s best networking opportunity.

You also will find on our vacancies page recent additions from Head Medical and The Naankuse Foundation.

Voluntary roles are available with our friends at Raleigh International, opportunities in Tanzania, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Malaysia Borneo and Nepal.

British Exploring is another great organisiation to check out with medic roles currently available for expedition to the Amazon, Himalayas, Yukon and Iceland.

Bouncy Bone | New Scientist

In the news..

A 25-year-old student has just come up with a way to fight drug-resistant superbugs without antibiotics.

Cheap and easy to make into any shape, “hyper elastic bone” could repair any kind of bone, from fractures to facial reconstruction. New Scientist.

Travellers warned of fatal tick-borne disease in Western Europe. New Scientist.

Survival secret of ‘Earth’s hardiest animal’ revealed. A gene that scientists identified in these strange, aquatic creatures – called tardigrades – helps them survive boiling, freezing and radiation. BBC Science

WEM & MSF veteran, Dr Natalie Roberts writes in the Hippocratic Post about her experiences following a non traditional career..

NASA welcomes Extreme Medicine Delegates

We are literally over the moon!

With the welcome that NASA Astronaut Dr Kate Rubins‘, who is presently aboard the International Space Station, has filmed for Extreme Medicine ’16 make sure you look out for the flips at the end!ISS Astronaut Kate Rubins talks about the Extreme Medicine Conference… from World Extreme Medicine on Vimeo.

Surgeon Dr David Nott on stage

Dr David Nott will be opening this years Extreme Medicine Conference – it’s a presentation you won’t want to miss….

David will be joined by BBC Newsnight reporter John Sweeney, with whom he recently reported on conditions inside of Aleppo, and also, we hope, by barrister Toby Cadman, International law specialist in the field of war crimes, human rights, terrorism and extradition.

The David Nott Foundation

Edinburgh hosts to 2016 Extreme Medicine Conference

Welcoming all our overseas delegates to Edinburgh

Have you got your ‘haggis catching net’ packed and your dancing shoes ready our traditional Scottish ceilidh dance,‘The Extreme Fling’ on the Sunday night of Extreme Medicine ’16?

If you haven’t booked there are still a limited number of tickets still available..

Lets go trekking

A couple spaces on our iconic Mountain Medicine course in Nepal to Everest Base Camp, led by the infamous Dr Martin Rhodes of Antarctica fame, have become available.

Grab your adventure here…


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