This year’s Extreme Medicine Conference will be a truly inspiring event…

Network & learn at the world’s largest gathering of extreme medics…

Extreme Medicine


This year’s Extreme Medicine Conference will be a truly inspiring event and action-packed right from the start. With attendees flying in from over 25 countries outside of the UK the event will provide an unbeatable networking opportunity, with heaps to learn both in front of and away from the stage.

Keeping the energy flowing, we’ll have a drinks event at Dynamic Earth on Friday and our Extreme Ceilidh on Sunday. There are some additional events in the pipeline, so keep your eyes on our social media streams.

Don’t miss out one of the most varied and impressive line ups of medical experts in extreme medicine ever seen.

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Dr David Nott

David Nott to open

A man synonymous with providing quality medical assistance in war zones.  Hear him at his most inspiring & passionate, Day 1 18th Nov, 8.30am & 5.30pm

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Dr Tom Konig

Tom Konig

One of the country’s best trauma surgeons. There’s little British Army and HEMs medic Tom Konig hasn’t seen or handled. Learn from the best.

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MSF Doctor Natalie Roberts

MSF Dr Natalie Roberts

Returning from recent missions to the Ukraine, Yemen and Syria Natalie will share her experiences and thoughts on Day 1.

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Andrew Luks speaking at Extreme Medicine


World expert on everything high, Dr Andrew Luks is joining us from the University of Washington.

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Medical Mind Set

Drawing on his experiences overwintering in Antarctica, with the African Flying Doctors (AMREF) and London HEMS Dr Matt Edwards examines the psychology of trauma.

Edinburgh - host city for Extreme Medicine

Amazing networking

And amazing learning. The conference stimulates new thinking, extends professional relationships and shares new and more effective approaches to medical practice in challenging environments.

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Tim Peake welcomes Extreme Medicine

The welcomes pour in

from all around the globe and from out of this world..

When Tim Peake apologises that he can’t attend your event but sends an ace video instead!  View.

The International Space Station sends theirs best wishes.. Hear Dr Kate Rubin.

BBC reports on Extreme Medicine

The BBC reports..

The International World Extreme Medicine Conference in London is not for the faint-hearted. 
Richard Hollingham BBC 2015..

Read the Beebs report here…

Olly Hicks at Extreme Medicine

Explorers galore

Iconic adventurers Olly Hicksjust landed after kayaking from Greenland to Scotland and mountaineer Cathy O’Dowd, the first woman to climb Everest from both sides, will be sharing their learnings at Extreme Medicine ’16.

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