Officially registered and incorporated we need your help with with designing a unique and identifying logo for your new society.

Launched at The Extreme Medicine Expo 2016, The Society of Extreme, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine (SEEWM) will act as a focus and voice for our community, be a centre of excellence that will build clinical governance, good practice, and act as a repository for research and the sharing of learning and experience. SEEWM is a not for profit organisation applying for charity status. .

The ethos of SEEWM is about

Providing a home for all the medics who can see a bigger world.
The building of bridges between traditional medical knowledge bases.
The building of links and relationships between people, organisations and countries.
Providing a platform for the cross-fertilisation of innovative ideas and
stimulating a systems approach to medicine.
Merging with the most relevant non medical science disciplines to establish crossover knowledge and research.

In return for a year’s free membership we invite you to submit your ideas by PM no later than midnight on December 30th 2016.

The trustees; Prof. Chris Imray, Dr Roger Alcock, Dr Sean Hudson & Mr David Weil invite you all to get involved and help us design a logo that reflects all aspects of this new society.



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