How we supported Mark Beaumont’s EPIC record breaking challenge…

When record-breaking endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont, contacted us regarding his world record breaking attempt of cycling around the world in 80 days; to see if we could help support him on this amazing, crazy adventure we jumped at the chance.

We are delighted to say that his incredible effort and hard work paid off, and he cycled around the world in a total time of 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes; creating new records as well as breaking old ones.

We were extremely honoured to be part of his ‘home’ team. WEM faculty and former Paralympic Lead Physiotherapist for British Athletics, Laura Penhaul, was Mark’s performance coach throughout the entire trip and provided constant medical support 24/7 alongside his crew, whilst our own team back home offered technical support and a reach-back facility.

As with any expedition of this nature, there was an enormous amount of planning and pre-expedition training undertaken with the ground team and all the amazing medics supporting Mark on this incredible feat of human endurance. It’s a real testament to Mark, his entire team and the training they received; that Mark came through this challenge relatively unscathed, and where medical intervention was required it was handled as effectively as possible given the challenging environments they found themselves in.

The WEM team were on call 24 hours a day, there were a few instances where our assistance was required; such as Mark’s tumble on day 9. This resulted in Laura’s first ever attempt at emergency dental work after seeking advice from WEM Dentist, Burjor Langdana, former British Antarctic Survey Dentist. We also drafted in Andrew Murray, a Sports Medicine doctor and a speaker at WEMs annual Extreme Medicine conference who advised on an injury to his elbow.

These injuries, of course, didn’t stop Mark and after close monitoring by the team, he was back on his bike within a couple of hours ready to complete his required daily 240 miles. It is this drive and determination that has enabled Mark to achieve this remarkable physical feat alongside a well-planned and organised team who supported him through this endeavour.

Congratulations once again Mark and Laura, we can’t wait to hear you both talk about your experiences at this year’s 2017 World Extreme Medicine Conference in November.

We still have places available should you want to see Mark and WEM Faculty, Laura, present in Edinburgh. Book your place today!


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