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Medics required for Highland Adventure race

Invesco Perpetual race to raise over £110k for the Mitchemp Trust

The Invesco Perpetual Highland Adventure Race is a great team building event, held annually, in aid of the Mitchemp Trust. This year, it takes place on 24-25 September in the rugged terrain and beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Teams of 4-6 people will cycle, hike and canoe 60 miles in 24 hours, from east to west Scotland, in an effort to be crowned Winner of the Invesco Perpetual Highland Adventure Race 2011.


Teams will be raising money for the Mitchemp Trust, a charity which helps to give young people the hope, confidence and life skills to meet the challenges in their lives through a journey of experience, adventure and fun.

Date;                    23rd – 25th September 2011

Location;        Inverness, Ben Nevis and Fort William

The event is a two day multi discipline challenge.  Teams of four to six will mountain bike from Inverness Castle to Fort Augustus along the Great Glen Way, then canoe to North Lagan on Saturday. They will camp overnight and then take on a Ben Nevis Climb on Sunday.

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Medical team needed

2 x medics Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th – Meet in Inverness on Friday 23rd evening and depart from Fort William on Sunday 25th evening – PAY £400

2 x Medics Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th – Meet in Inverness on Friday 23rd evening and work just the Saturday and depart Saturday 24th evening from Fort William – PAY £200


To express your interest in being part of the Across the Divide event medical team drop Gemma Phillips an email at


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Heat related injuries in extreme desert conditions

Operating in extremely hot conditions creates a unique set of medical risks. In the link is the medical outline – for non medics, regarding those risks from the Namibia Ultra Marathon training guide.

Dehydration is the most common heat related illness – in fact, it is thought that dehydration could be the single greatest threat to the health of an athlete. When training regularly and for long distances, fluid intake should be made a priority. You must drink fluids all day – not just during training.

Don’t depend on feeling thirsty to tell you when to drink. Thirst is a late response of the body to fluid depletion. Once you feel thirsty, you are already low on fluids. The best indicator of proper fluid levels is urine output and colour. Ample urine that is light coloured to clear shows that the body has plenty of fluid.

Dark urine means that the body is low on water, and is trying to conserve its supply by hoarding fluid which means that urine becomes more concentrated (thereby darker).

Dehydration can be the cause of feelings of fatigue or exhaustion – at all times watch out for signs of dehydration and take on water regularly through out the day.



News just in…Namibia Ultra Marathon completed

We’ve just heard from the Namibia Ultra Marathon race director Steve Clark, that everyone is now back in Swakopmund. Steve said the race was very tough with temperatures getting up to 42 ºc. Winner Darren Roberts was very surprised and shocked to hear he won the race but once it sunk in he was delighted. Tom Adams very nearly caught Darren up at the finish line which made it a nail-biting finish.

Namibia 24-hr Ultra Marathon Results are as follows:

1st Place – Darren Roberts 20hr 28

2nd Place – Tom Adams 20hr 29

3rd Place – Tom Maguire 21 hr 05

4th Place – Emma Rogan 21 hr 27 – First female to complete the Namibia 24-hr Ultra Marathon

5th Place – Jerry Haywood 22 hr 30

6th Place – Nick Tidbull 23 hr 17

7th Place – Nicholas Wright 23 hr 45

8th Place – Helen Skelton 23 hr 50 – BBC Blue Peter Presenter

9th Place – Adrian Crossley, Stuart Moore, Kellie Power & Michael Skakesheff 25 hr 07. These guys all crossed the line together holding hands, they were all just outside the 24 hour deadline but all were allowed to finish.

Dr Amy Hughes will when she’s back write up about the medical situations she was faced with on the race and how people coped with the extreme heat.



Expedition and Wilderness Medicine support for Commonwealth Championship for Mountain Running and Ultra Distance.

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine are to provide the medical cover for the Commonwealth Championship for Mountain Running and Ultra Distance. The events will run over four days in September 2009, and Keswick has been chosen as the venue.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Director, Dr Sean Hudson is acting as the Medical Director for the event and overseeing the medical care for the many international and local competitors who will be involved in a number high profile races. In conjunction with Across the Divide they will be managing the medical logistics and communication for the event.

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