WEM team to the dental rescue as around the world cyclist Mark Beaumont takes a tumble

We are very honoured to be part of your ‘home team’ and supporting you in this epic journey! Keep up the great effort! #80Days #BeExtreme #TeamWEM  Go our dental guru Burjor Langdana!

When medical advice, training and a reach-back facility was needed to support this epic undertaking Mark looked no further than World Extreme Medicine. From providing technical advice to Mark’s performance coach Laura Penhaul, crew training and support on the road WEM has been there the whole way…

Amazing work Mark Beaumont!!


Combined Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine / Emergency Medicine post

Two 6 month junior / middle grade doctor posts available – one commencing Feb 2018, the other Aug 2018. Includes funded enrolment in Postgraduate Certificate in Remote Healthcare or Diploma in Occupational Medicine.

DDRC Healthcare is a charity providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), training and research in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine and associated fields. In conjunction with Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, we are looking to appoint two junior doctors for 6 month posts – one doctor to commence February 2018 and the other August 2018.


DDRC Healthcare are looking for Doctors with a minimum of 2 years experience post qualification. You must have full registration with the GMC or be eligible to become fully registered. You must also hold a diving qualification.


The post will be an average of 6 sessions per week at DDRC Healthcare and 4 sessions per week in the Emergency Department, Derriford Hospital. Derriford Hospital is adjacent to DDRC Healthcare and is the largest teaching hospital in the southwest with a busy Emergency Department.


DDRC Healthcare provides HBO for elective and emergency patients for conditions including decompression Illness (DCI), tissue damage secondary to radiotherapy and diabetic ulcers.


Training will be provided in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine and successful candidates will be encouraged and funded to enrol in the Postgraduate Certificate in Remote Healthcare run by the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry or the Diploma in Occupational Medicine.


There is no on call commitment for the diving aspect of this post however individuals will be encouraged to be involved in the management of diving accidents. The ED sessions may include some night shifts.


For application form and further information see Employment section www.ddrc.org

To discuss the job or to arrange a visit – please contact Dr Christine Penny – info@ddrc.org or 01752 209999


Closing date:  16/08/17 at 1700                                Interview date: 31/08/17

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Early morning call gets WEM mobilised to assist Mark Beaumont on his epic around the world challenge

When medical advice, training and a reach-back facility was needed to support this epic undertaking Mark looked now further than World Extreme Medicine. From providing technical advice to Mark’s performance coach Laura Penhaul, crew training and support on the road WEM has been there the whole way

A major tumble on Day 9 saw WEM providing dental advice to Laura….

‘So at 05:30am, 1.5hrs in to the first session, the thing you hope to never happen, happened. Mark had an accident. He hit a pot hole which stopped the bike in it’s tracks whilst he continued forwards over the handle bars. The impact of landing was taken heavily on his left hand and face, which resulted in splintering his left canine tooth, shearing off the enamel and exposing the dentine and residual enamel underneath.

Understandably he came in to the RV a bit shaken, he was spitting blood and shards of enamel out of his mouth.

As routine, vitals were checked and all within normal range. Ongoing monitoring was maintained through the following 45mins to watch for shock. This was hugely helped by TempusPro automatically monitoring his blood pressure every 3 minutes, his oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate, whilst recording it all in the background, allowing me to get on with managing Mark.

When Mark fell he also automatically tried to brake his fall with his left hand. Although there was direct contact with the ground through the hand, the force was distributed up the arm and he felt discomfort in his elbow. Imagine the braking force coming up from the ground through the forearm and his 90 kg’s dropping down, these two forces converge at the elbow causing compression at the joint. This is a typical mechanism of injury for a radial head fracture in the forearm, so it is on the top of the list for a possible diagnosis. Thankfully though his range is fairly reasonable, he has no pain on palpation and although uncomfortable, he is able to weight bear through the arm.

So main management:


Being linked with World Extreme Medicine, I contacted Mark Hannaford to ask for a dentist expert and he kindly put me in touch with Burjor Langdana who is the ex Antarctic Survey Dentist. After sending some photos I took and an email to Burjor, within the hour he sent me an amazingly informative and thorough email detailing the steps to take to manage Mark’s tooth. Following his sound advice will involve filing down the tooth to smooth it and then applying a resin – all in a normal days work for a Physio by trade! One of Mark’s close friends spotted the incident on social media and lives in Moscow so is trying to source some resin to send to me.


Doctor Andrew Murray is a Sports Medicine doctor, and a speaker at WEMs annual Extreme Medicine conference who, along with Dr Sean Hudson MBE WEM’s co founder, is kindly at the end of the phone for me if I have any medical queries to discuss when Mark’s performance is involved. Andrew and I have spoken today at length about the worst case scenario of Mark’s elbow having an underlying hairline fracture. In any normal situation you would get imaging/ further investigations to confirm a diagnosis, however we are not in the position to spend a few hours looking for and then sitting in a Russian A&E department. In this situation you have to weigh up the worst case scenario, if it was diagnosed as an intra-articular joint fracture or a radial head fracture, what would our management be? Would our management change if we had the imagery? Could it be an injury that would have long term negative affects if it’s not treated correctly now? Etc etc.

Without imagery, we can say that Mark is able to tolerate weight bearing through the arm and can grip the brakes/ gears, so is therefore safe on the bike to continue to ride. Mark is happy to continue riding and doesn’t feel it’s bad enough to stop (that in itself is a strong indication of severity not withstanding his mental strength). For now we ice it regularly, apply compression to be worn when riding, address any secondary stiffness above and below the joint and fundamentally monitor it over the next 48hours. These next 2 days will give us a greater idea to it’s severity and presentation.

Meanwhile, apart from a couple of hours dip after injury, Mark as always has stayed in great spirits and powered along. We are now 2 hours away from close of play today and even with this accident, the machine is still on target for a high mileage day. Read the full article here

Follow Mark Beaumont’s progress here. Read more about Laura Penhaul’s work at Adaptive Performance here

WEM Training WEM MSc in Extreme Medicine World Extreme Medicine Conference

Mark Beaumont - Around the World in 80 Days


MBE for WEM co founder Dr Sean Hudson

It is with great pleasure we share with you the news that WEM (formerly Expedition & Wilderness Medicine) co founder Dr Sean Hudson was awarded a MBE in the summer honours by Her Majesty the Queen

‘Member of the Order of the British Empire Dr Sean Terence HUDSON Co-founder, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine and Medical Lead, UKMed, Cumbria. For services to Providing Medical Aid and Education’..

WEM has long striven to provide the highest benchmarks in the delivery of Expedition Medicine and Remote Medical Care and we honoured that this has been acknowledged in such a prestigious manner.



Clinical Post in Emergency Medicine & MSc in Extreme Medicine Doctor announced by Devon Hospital.

Clinical Posts in Emergency Medicine & International MSc in Extreme Medicine Doctor announced by Devon Hospital.Extreme Medicine

Combining a stunning Devon location with the chance to experience modules Polar Medicine in Norway, Mountain Medicine in Nepal, high fidelity CIV-MIL deployment with 201 Field Hospital, Human Factors, Future Medicine delivered by NASA Astronaut Mike Barratt and other modules.

‘To those that live in Devon, it’s probably no secret, but a survey in Country Life Magazine found that those living in the county simply enjoy a better quality of life than anywhere else in England’,

The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital is looking to appoint to a unique post combining both a substantive post in Emergency Medicine and an opportunity to complete the new and exciting MSc in Extreme Medicine at the University of Exeter run in partnership with World Extreme Medicine.



CBS Survivor selects WEM as its location medicine partner..

Once again WEM has been tasked by the @Survivor Reality TV show to provide a robust Primary Care & Trauma Service for this years filming.

World Extreme Medicine provides remote medical services to Survivor TV Series

World Extreme Medicine provides remote medical services to Survivor TV Series

Survivor; the reality show where a group of contestants are stranded in a remote location with … The lone survivor of this contest takes home a million dollars.

The team from the top down were extremely professional and easy to deal with at all levels of the operation. Ultimately our number one concern is the health and safety of our cast and crew and at all times it felt we were in extremely capable hands. From a logistics and production standpoint we also really appreciate the professionalism and “can do” attitude these guys bring to the table. Jesse Jensen – Co-Executive Producer – US ‪Survivor

‘Dr Joe’ Rowles, Location Medical Director for WEM

‘It a pleasure to once again to be working alongside CBS Survivor to provide medical cover to a great team working hard to made great TV, its a pleasure to working with both the contestants and the crew to ensure that not only is another amazing year of Survivor presented but its done with a great medical supporting the team.


Survivor Remote Medical Support

World Extreme Medicine provides remote medical services to Survivor TV Series

Extending the skill set of the local support team so that immediate care can be delivered more rapidly is a part of the WEM ethos and the on site team have been working hard to provide training session for local boat drives and support crew…

WEM’s Medical Director Mark Hannaford

Being selected year on year to be #Survivors medical team is an honour and I’m delighted to say that the team are enjoying this year immensely as well and providing great medical backup once again.


Interested in WEM providing world leading medical backup from your remote location project? Please email at admin@extreme-medicine.com

World Extreme Medicine provides remote medical services to Survivor TV Series

World Extreme Medicine provides remote medical services to Survivor TV Series


We believe it is our job to inspire you

… and here at World Extreme Medicine we take our job very seriously!

Opening the door to a medical adventure.. everest from World Extreme Medicine on Vimeo.


CBS ‘Survivor’ selects WEM as its medical partner, again.

The US reality TV show, Survivor, broadcast on CBS has chosen WEM to provide a full medical team made up of doctors, nurses and paramedics to provide primary care and trauma cover once again for its filming in 2017 at an undisclosed location.

Providing Film Medical Support – CBS ‘Survivor’ again selects WEM to provide location medical support from World Extreme Medicine on Vimeo.


IHP’s Doctors’ Travel Pack programme

International Health Partners (IHP) is Europe’s largest coordinator of donated medical products, providing tens of thousands of people globally with access to medicines and healthcare who would otherwise find it near impossible to receive.ihp

The organisation was founded 12 years ago and was integral in responding to the huge need for medicines as a result of the Asian Tsunami in December 2004 – bridging the gap between pharmaceutical companies who wanted to donate medicines to the emergency, and agencies on the ground who were responding.

IHP has a strong reputation among its network of healthcare industry donors, who include some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies as well as with organisations working to provide much needed relief, development and healthcare to people living in some of the most remote and poorest areas of the world.

“We respond quickly to humanitarian dfootbridge-nepalisasters, support long-term healthcare development projects and equip medics with supplies for short-term missions through our Doctors’ Travel Packs,” explains Patrick Keys, Health Programme Manager at IHP. Patrick also manages IHP’s Doctors’ Travel Packs (DTP) programme.

A DTP is a mixture of over- the-counter and prescription medicines packed in two boxes and serves as a mobile primary care pharmacy.  Once an individual has applied for a DTP and IHP has confirmed they are who they say they are, that they are going where they say they are going and that they will use and store the medicines properly, the DTP is shipped directly to a hospital, clinic, surgery or pharmacy in Europe. The pack is then carried by the applicant direct to their final destination. IHP have sent packs to 75 countries across the globe and have good working knowledge of the requirements for customs clearance in many countries.

By providing medics and humanitarian workers with the medicines they need to provide quality care, a DTP equips health workers with the resource they need to grow the reach and effectiveness of their work in resource poor environments.

If you would like to know more about IHP and how you can take part in the Doctors’ Travel Pack programme go to www.ihpuk.org  or contact Patrick Keys – p.keys@ihpuk.org

Follow IHP on Twitter: @ihp_uk



Officially registered and incorporated we need your help with with designing a unique and identifying logo for your new society.

Launched at The Extreme Medicine Expo 2016, The Society of Extreme, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine (SEEWM) will act as a focus and voice for our community, be a centre of excellence that will build clinical governance, good practice, and act as a repository for research and the sharing of learning and experience. SEEWM is a not for profit organisation applying for charity status. .

The ethos of SEEWM is about

Providing a home for all the medics who can see a bigger world.
The building of bridges between traditional medical knowledge bases.
The building of links and relationships between people, organisations and countries.
Providing a platform for the cross-fertilisation of innovative ideas and
stimulating a systems approach to medicine.
Merging with the most relevant non medical science disciplines to establish crossover knowledge and research.

In return for a year’s free membership we invite you to submit your ideas by PM no later than midnight on December 30th 2016.

The trustees; Prof. Chris Imray, Dr Roger Alcock, Dr Sean Hudson & Mr David Weil invite you all to get involved and help us design a logo that reflects all aspects of this new society.