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Expedition & Wilderness Medicine started a world movement for medics working in remote and austere locations. We remain at the forefront in all we do and that's why we are changing our name to 'World Extreme Medicine'. It reflects a change in how we as a worldwide community of medics respond to emergencies and an ever widening range of opportunities for adventurous medics... Where man goes, medicine must follow.

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WorldWideWeather4Expeditions: support your expedition with weather forecasts.

Weather plays a key role in the success of an expedition. Every other element such as food, clothes, gear, physical and mental preparation and medicines, can be perfectly prepared before departure. But the weather remains an uncertain element.
Of course you can pray, or burn a candle to make the weather gods happy. This may work, if your name is Mother Theresa...

WWWeather4expeditions is a service to support your expedition with professional weather forecasts. This will put you in the possibility:

  • to take advantage of the best winds to kite long distances,
  • to travel with good visibility to see perfectly crevasses or other dangerous elements
  • to avoid severe storms or other hazardous weather phenomena
  • to make the best possible planning

Recently, weather models have improved significantly. Even in remote areas the resolution of certain models is incredibly large which leads to quite impressive forecasts of the different parameters.

WWWeather4Expeditions is a team of three experienced meteorologists, each with their own speciality:

  • Marc De Keyser: Arctic and the Antarctic weather
  • Tom Elegeert: weather in mountains and tropical areas,
  • Fritz Buyl in all around the world sailing races or trips.

They produce ‘ready-for-use-weather forecasts’ sent daily to your phone by SMS-service or email. On top of this you can contact them if needed.

In order for your expedition to be successful, consider weather support. You can surf to the website or contact ‘’ for more information and talk about possibilities and arrangements.


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