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Expedition & Wilderness Medicine started a world movement for medics working in remote and austere locations. We remain at the forefront in all we do and that's why we are changing our name to 'World Extreme Medicine'. It reflects a change in how we as a worldwide community of medics respond to emergencies and an ever widening range of opportunities for adventurous medics... Where man goes, medicine must follow.

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UK Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Course Write up March 09

Our flagship programme, the UK based Expedition Medicine Course, ran for its 7th year this March and what a success it was. We had 60 willing participants from all over the UK and from all medical disciplines for 4 days in Cumbria. Once again the weather was kind to us and allowed us to run all our outdoor teaching sessions and exercises.

Each day contains a mixture of lecture based sessions and practical small group interactive workshops/hands on sessions, and topics included.
RTC scenario
Fracture immobilization and joint relocation
Wound management
Managing altitude illness and hypothermia
Safety in the outdoors and steep ground
Rope skills
Improvised carrying techniques
Group shelters
Tropical medicine
Hot weather medicine
Cold weather medicine
Diving medicine
Expedition dentistry
Expedition security and safety
Dealing with difficult people and group dynamics

We always try to get inspirational guest speakers to come in and deliver our Rupert Bennet Lecture on the evening of day 2 and this course was no exception – Graham Hoyland, BBC Producer and adventurer came to speak with us about his theory on the unfortunate events associated with Mallory’s early attempt on Everest. Graham initiated the expedition which discovered Mallory’s body.

The highlight of the week is the search and recovery exercise on the last day when the Great North Air Ambulance pay us a visit and are kind enough to lift one of our casualties off the mountain side for us. Click through on the following link to see, first hand just how up close and personal we get to the aircraft ; youtube. Incidentally, a huge thank you to Bran Spencer for donating £350 to the Air Ambulance in return for his ride back down to the hostel. Don't forget we also provide aircrew and aero-medical training courses.

All in all it was a very satisfying course to be involved with and we wish all the participants the very best of luck in their future travels and adventures. 

Piers Carter, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
Director April 09


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