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Dr Sean Hudson's Favourite Piece of Kit

In the many years I've been writing articles for the newsletter, this is possibly the hardest task I've ever had. Over the last 12 years of going away on expeditions as a doctor the mountain of kit I have at home seems to grow every year, but the kit I actually use takes up the top 2 inches.

Wherever I find myself going there's one bit of kit I always take and that's my leatherman wave, with a fire stick and a sharpener stuffed down the side. In the top of my rucksack I'll generally have a Motorola sat phone 9505 in a pelican case with contact details, a roll of gaffa tape (which is often wound around either my ski poles, flask or water bottle) and a Miox water purifier. More lately the Jetboil stove has found its way into my universal kit, we've even used it in the Arctic as it's quick and light.

If I'm off to the jungle I take a pair of British army jungle boots and a machete designed by Lofty Wiseman. To sleep in, I now always take a Hennessey Hammock, it's the Rolls Royce of hammocks.

At the poles I use Montane extreme gear with Ulfrotte wool underwear if it's really cold (bit Steptoe but unbeatable). On my feet I wear a pair of Bata US bunny boots (they make you look like Mickey Mouse but they're fantastic and cheap)

In the desert I wear Meindl walking shoes and a fly head net as it can really mess your day up if you have mupane bees constantly flying in your ears and eyes.

In the mountains I get really cold fingers and wear Rab ice gauntlets and if it gets really cold I wear Black Diamond Absolute mitts with my own felt liners, and of course the essential Ortlieb pee bottle - taped so I don't have an unfortunate mix up
Finally I always take a few mantras; Caroline is always right (even if my wife isn't there she's always right); always try to smile; say only positive things (bit hard sometimes, especially for a grumpy bugger like me).


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