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Expedition & Wilderness Medicine started a world movement for medics working in remote and austere locations. We remain at the forefront in all we do and that's why we are changing our name to 'World Extreme Medicine'. It reflects a change in how we as a worldwide community of medics respond to emergencies and an ever widening range of opportunities for adventurous medics... Where man goes, medicine must follow.

Expedition Medicine
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Expedition Medicine - Terms & Conditions

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Terms & Conditions


All details provided by customers & through enquires are for the exclusive use of Expedition Medicine employees to assist in responding to your enquiry or question. Any information you provide us with will not be passed onto third parties.


Internet communications & emails are not necessarily secure, therefore Expedition Medicine cannot not accept responsibility for changes made to a message after it has been sent. If you should recieve a suspicous message claiming to be from ourselves please contact us on +44 (0) 1297 20583. We will do likewise if we should have any doubts or suspicions your communication to us has been tampered with as long as we have your appropriate contact details on file.


These are the terms and conditions of Expedition Medicine Ltd. which apply to those who are advised by Expedition Medicine Ltd. that they will be participating in the course. Bookings are accepted subject to you agreeing to the conditions set out below:-

1. Your contract with Expedition Medicine - When registering for the course, you undertake that you accept these booking conditions and have the authority to do so. Your contract will be with us, Expedition Medicine of 3 East Croft, New Rd, Beer, Devon EX12 4HS. We will confirm our contractual commitment to you by sending to you a booking confirmation and receipt. It is only then that these terms and conditions will apply and a contract will exist between us. Your deposit guarantees your place on the course up to 60 days prior to the start date. If full payment is not received by this time you may lose your place on the course and forfeit your deposit. Your contract with Expedition Medicine Ltd is governed by English laws and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

2. Participation and Risk - You must be 18 years or over at the time of the start date of the course and in a suitable physical condition to undertake the course as set out in the course outline. The outline given for each course must be accepted as an indication of the event and not a contractual obligation on our part. It is a condition of joining the course that you accept this flexibility and acknowledge that any alteration that results in delays, discomfort, disappointment or inconvenience are possible. Participation in the course will be subject to availability of places and reaching a minimum number of participants for each course/departure. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Your entitlement to. You must agree that any photography taken prior to or during the course, which may include you in it, is the property of Expedition Medicine and may be used in future publicity materials by Expedition Medicine. If participating in an overseas course you must also be aware of the possible risks inherent in adventure travel.

3. Cancellation of Booking on UK Courses - Please find below a table of the cancellation arrangements:



Percentage Refund (UK Courses)

More than 60 days prior to course

Total refund or transfer to another course

30-59 days prior to course

Loss of deposit of £150 or transfer to another UK course within a year

15-29 days prior to course

50% refund or transfer to another UK course within a year

7-14 days prior to course

25% refund or transfer to another UK course within a year

6-0 days prior to course

0% refund or transfer to another UK course within a year


Cancellation of Booking on Overseas Courses


Time of Cancellation

Percentage Refund (Overseas Courses)

More than 60 days prior to course

Loss of £150 of deposit

30-59 days prior to course

50% refund

15-29 days prior to course

30% refund

7-14 days prior to course

10% refund

6-0 days prior to course

0% refund


4. Accommodation - The courses are based on dormitory accommodation and sharing a tent unless otherwise stated. If you are joining a course alone you will be partnered with a person of the same sex.

5. Health, Safety & Fitness and your Insurance Cover - The course in which you will be participating will require a good level of fitness, strength and endurance and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate level of fitness to undertake the challenge. You should check with your doctor to ensure that you are sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the event. For any overseas course, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and Expedition Medicine reserve the right to obtain further information from you and/or your GP relating to any medical condition they are concerned about, and also reserve the right to refuse entry to any participant that they feel is not medically fit enough to take part. If your medical condition changes in any way after completing the medical form and before the departure date, then you must inform Expedition Medicine and the insurance company of these changes.

You should take into account that medical and other facilities at your destination are likely to be inferior to those in the United Kingdom. It is a condition of registration that in the event of an emergency we have your authority to arrange any necessary surgical or medical treatments that you might need and to sign any consent forms on your behalf. You must comply with the laws and regulations of the countries visited and comply with all reasonable instructions of the Course Staff relating to the safety and organisation of the course. If in our opinion, or the opinion of another person in authority, you are behaving in such a manner as to cause danger, distress, or annoyance to others or cause damage to property, your course arrangements may be terminated by us, or the supplier concerned. In such an event we will have no liability to you and will not make any refunds, pay any compensation or meet any costs or expenditure you incur as a result. Furthermore you must meet any expenditure we incur as a result of your behaviour.

6. Cancellation -  Expedition Medicine reserves the right to cancel a course in any circumstances. Your course will not be cancelled less than 6 weeks before the departure/start date unless due to circumstances outside of our control. If we have to cancel your course due to reasons other than that of Force Majeure, we will either offer you an alternative course or a full refund. If the course does not have the minimum number of participants the course fee will be returned to you but we will not be liable for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred. We will not cancel a trip due to low numbers less than six weeks before departure/ start date.

7. Destination Safety and Force Majeure - Your personal safety during the event is of fundamental importance to us and whilst we will carefully monitor the safety of your destination, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office do offer a travellers' advice line and you should ensure that you are kept informed of the latest FCO advice.

8. Alterations - Expedition Medicine and its supplier of accommodation and land arrangements shall be entitled to change the details of itinerary. If we are required to change the itinerary in any way during the course, the Course Staff will facilitate this to the best alternative. The decision of the Course Leader is final. We are not responsible for changes that arise as a result of Force Majeure and are out of our control such as technical or maintenance problems with transportation, changes imposed on rescheduling or cancelling flights by an airline, war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disasters, bad weather, terrorist activity or bureaucratic obstacles.

9. Standard and Quality of Accommodation and Services - Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realise that the tourism infrastructure in relation to both travel and accommodation may be substantially lower than you would expect in the UK and you should not have unreasonable expectations of the facilities that will be provided. As a consequence we will endeavour to make sure connections and transfers go smoothly but this may not always be possible due to local political situations, weather, mechanical breakdown, or other unforeseen circumstances. Timings of air, sea, road and rail departures are therefore estimates only due to the above possible situations occurring.

10. Liability  - We accept responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents and suppliers (except for claims for death, injury or illness – see below). In any such case our liability will be limited to a maximum of twice your contribution to the original expedition cost.  

Expedition Medicine accepts responsibility for death, injury or illness caused by negligent acts and/or omissions of us, our employees, agents, suppliers and sub-contractors whilst acting within the scope of, or in the course of their employment in the provision of any part of your travel arrangements in the itinerary, that we are contractually obliged to provide. We will, accordingly, pay to an affected participant such damages as might have been awarded in such circumstances under English law. However, damages are not payable where any failure to perform the contract is due neither to any fault on our part or a supplier of any part of your travel arrangements or is attributable to you, or unforeseen or unavoidable actions of a third party unconnected with the event or unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control or an event which could not have been foreseen even with the exercise of all due care. We do not accept responsibility in respect of death, bodily injury or illness of any person on one of our expeditions as a result of (but not limited to) physical exertion for which a participant is not prepared, force of nature, consumption of alcohol, civil unrest, terrorism, breakdown of equipment, high altitude, access to medical attention in remote locations and adequacy of medical facilities in country.
In respect of carriage by air, sea and rail and the provision of accommodation, the amount of compensation Expedition Medicine may be obliged to pay will be limited in the manner provided by the relevant International Convention.
Any arrangements you make independently which do not form part of the event are entirely at your own risk.

11. Passports, Visas and Health - For overseas courses please note that you will require a full British passport with at least 6 months' validity at the date of return travel. For EC and other passport holders please contact the relevant Embassy, Consulate or British Foreign Office for the exact requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct passport and visa to gain access to any country/region included in the event. It is also your responsibility to ensure you obtain the proper and detailed medical advice from your GP. Where you do not do so and are either not allowed to enter any country or suffer personal injury or death, we have no liability to you for any cost loss or damage that you suffer.

12. Risk -  You are participating in an adventure challenge and that is not without risk. You must be adequately fit enough to cover the distances set out in the itinerary and therefore take part entirely at your own risk. By accepting these booking conditions you agree to indemnify Expedition Medicine against claims for loss or damage to personal property and for loss or claims arising from your own actions. For any other activity you must agree to wear the safety clothing or equipment deemed necessary by the local service provider and Expedition Medicine.

13. Post Course Liability
Expedition Medicine is not responsible for any decision or action you might take if you are subsequently employed as a medic on any expedition after the completion of any of the Expedition Medicine courses.

14. Your Contractual Requirements
By signing the application form you agree to accept the authority and decisions of our employees, group leaders, agents and suppliers while on the course. The Course Leader may at any time during the course of the event terminate your participation if they consider it necessary for the health or safety of you or the group. If you commit an illegal act we shall cease to have responsibility to you or for you. English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts govern this contract. By signing this agreement you are confirming that any legal action you might bring against the company or any of its employees will always take place within the UK.


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