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Jungle and Tropical Medicine Training Course, Pacuare River, Costa Rica

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Jungle Medicine | Costa Rica Costa Rica

04 December 2017 to 10 December 2017

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine has developed an exciting and comprehensive course for all those medical professionals responsible for clients, patients or team members in a tropical or jungle environment. The course aims to introduce participants to the practical skills required to be a valuable member of a jungle expeditionary team, and to care for and treat injuries and illnesses likely to occur in this exciting environment

A Jungle Medicine course set on the stunning Pacuare River, Costa Rica. As featured in the British Medical Journal and as the Editor's Choice


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The Jungle and Tropical Medicine Course tutors will develop the skills of the participants through practical sessions and hands on experience, treating snake bites, identifying tropical diseases, heat related illnesses and managing the health of an expedition in the field. The days will be used to experience and develop jungle survival skills, travelling in the jungle on land or by river, setting up camp, river crossing, cooking and lighting fires, managing casualties and evacuating them when needed: skills without which a successful medical response is extremely difficult.

If you have ever considered working on a tropical or jungle expedition, a rafting expedition, or simply having the experience of your lifetime, this is the course for you.

Jungle and Tropical Medicine Course - Faculty
The Jungle Medicine Team has been caring for and instructing jungle skills in the tropics for 20 years. They have a wealth of experience working as medical professionals in Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Guatemala and Borneo, providing medical cover on expeditions involving rafting, kayaking, trekking and climbing. The Outdoor Instructors draw on the skills developed over years of teaching and being taught by both American and British specialist forces, and working as guides and expedition leaders in jungle environments. Despite being an eclectic mixture they are approachable, friendly and inspirational. They aim to guide you through the course ensuring that it is both informative and enjoyable.  


Jungle and Tropical Medicine Course - What To Expect
This is a highly practical expedition medic training course that will introduce you to the jungle environment and prepare you for expedition medical work in humid and tropical climates. You will experience first hand the challenges and some of the solutions to trekking, living and providing medical support in the jungle. We teach through a combination of small group or 'classroom' work and practical activity, with a significant emphasis on experiential learning. Whilst you do not need to be an elite athlete, an adequate level of physical fitness will ensure you get as much out of the course as possible. As a guide, you should be able to walk at least 20km carrying a 15kg pack without assistance, and repeat this on more than two successive days in one week. The terrain we will encounter is highly variable, and may involve steep climbs, river crossings, trekking in dense jungle and bush clearing using machetes.

We are unable to influence the weather. It is possible that there will be rain for many hours on most days of the course. Familiarising you with a hot and wet climate is one of the principle objectives of this course; students who are able to tolerate a degree of physical discomfort whilst maintaining a sense of humour and enthusiasm will get the most from the week.

The price includes accommodation, meals (unless otherwise stated), rental of all rafting equipment and all course activities. 

The only additional costs are for your jungle kit (see kit list below) , flights, hotel on arrival night, drinks, items of a personal nature and travel insurance. You can purchase travel for our courses through Campbell Irivine Ltd.  Once you have purchased your flights please let us know so we can put you in touch with our local training team who can arrange your transfers.


Jungle and Tropical Medicine Course Pacuare River, Costa Rica

Day 1
Rendezvous with group
Transfer to Pacuare River and raft into camp
Introduction to the week ahead and the jungle wilderness medicine course
Standard operating procedures for a jungle environment
Heat related illness and hydration a

Day 2
Basic navigation
Setting up a hammock
Using a machete
Trekking in the jungle
Water in the jungle
Navigation in the jungle 
Primary survey in the wilderness
Setting up a hammock
Tropical medicine
Managing fever in the tropics

Day 3  
Casevac drill
Improvised carries
Trekking all day in the jungle
Navigating into camp using GPS and bearing
How to effectively communicate using VHF-UHF radios and voice procedures.
Setting up camp
Set up camp and basha
Case presentations 
Medical kits 
Public Health

Day 4
Managing snake, scorpion and spider envenomations  
Expedition briefing
Trek to camp
Sleep in self made camp

Day 5
Trek to camp II
Set up camp

Day 6
Prepare breakfast  
Trek to RV
Raft out to final camp
Gala Meal

Day 7 
Transfer to San Jose


British Medical Journal Editors Choice: "It's a jungle out there.Before you flip past our leading article because expedition medicine has never appealed, I'd urge you to think again. The authors' excitement for expedition medicine comes across clearly and makes a compelling case for this specialty. However, this course isn't all about saving people from the jaws of jaguars. Rainforest survival skills ought to transfer to any situation where leadership, teamwork, and risk assessment are called for.

If your preferred way of expanding your management skills has been hitting the books, you might like to consider study leave in the Costa Rican rainforest instead. While it's true that most doctors are more likely to be woken by a bleep rather than a howler monkey, pursuit of tropical topics can expand your grasp of medical management.

'Combining a superb location along with some of the best instructors in this speciality this course promises to be truly ground breaking'.    Mark Hannaford, Across the Divide Expeditions.

Excellent! Had a brill time. professional leader team, great group. would recommend.'  Jungle Medicine participant

'The course was fantastic - I suppose the number of people who go on to do further courses is testament to that'      Jungle Medicine delegate

'An immensely positive group experience' Jungle medicine participant


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