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Expedition & Wilderness Medicine started a world movement for medics working in remote and austere locations. We remain at the forefront in all we do and that's why we are changing our name to 'World Extreme Medicine'. It reflects a change in how we as a worldwide community of medics respond to emergencies and an ever widening range of opportunities for adventurous medics... Where man goes, medicine must follow.

Expedition Medicine
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Advanced Expedition Medicine | Iceland | Accredited by the RCSEd

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Advanced Expedition Medicine | Iceland Iceland

21 June 2017 to 25 June 2017

***Limited spaces available with £100 discount, use code 'Ice100'. Past WEM course delegates can claim £200 off by contacting the office.***
World Extreme Medicine brings you your next step in technical Expedition Medicine training. ‘Advanced Expedition Medicine’ launches in the dramatic Thorsmork region of Iceland this June. 
By listening to both customers and drawing from our experience on expeditions, we have shaped a programme designed to further enhance your skills, challenge you through high fidelity in situ simulation and provide you with an adventure experience, allowing you to enhance your skills in a real expedition setting. 

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This 5 day course will be divided equally between expedition skills and medical skills.
Expedition skills will include extended rope skills workshops, hard ice and glacier skills, search and rescue techniques and a 2 day expedition where we’ll trek to the volcanic Eyjafjallajökull Mountain and camp overnight in the Fimmvörðuháls area. 
Through the course, we will deliver short, focused lectures delivering essential content which will be built upon, enhanced and challenged through intense case-based scenarios. As groups, we will discuss and evaluate performance allowing us to enhance our skills through each scenario. 
Both medical and expedition content is integrated to replicate the challenge of real expeditions, help shape your thought processes and enable you to function in extreme and resource poor environments. 
This course will be intense, challenging, adventurous and rewarding. It will develop highly robust expedition medics enabling you to confidently take on challenging expedition roles.
We recommend this course to anyone who has taken part in an expedition medicine course before, or someone who has previous expedition experience and is looking to combine this with their clinical skills. 
It is estimated this course will attract 30 hours CPD from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd).
Medical skills
  • Hypothermia and cold injury
  • Altitude illness
  • Trauma assessment, treatment and packaging in cold mountain setting
  • Long bone and pelvic fracture management
  • Analgesia
  • Head injury
  • Suspension injury
  • Case-based simulation exercises

Content will focus on the use of high fidelity in situ simulation allowing delegates to practise skills in combination. Iceland can present challenging weather conditions, we will embrace these allowing this to add to the intensity and realism of scenarios. 

Rope skills
  • knots fx (figure 8, bowline, clove hitch, munter hitch, mule hitch, pruski, flat overhand, double fisherman's, alpine butterfly and klemheist (machard))
  • coiling rope, and rope information. 
Hard Ice - glacier activities
Practical skills
  • Risk assessment (matrix)
  • Risk management 
  • Decision making 
  • Group management
  • Route finding and navigation
  • Outdoor leadership discussion
  • Glaciology 
Technical skills
  • Cravasse rescue (buddy and self-rescue)
  • Ice anchors
  • Rappelling 
  • Crampon use
  • Amateur Iceclimbing techniques, icetools use
  • Belaying techniques 
Volcano Hike expedition - Two days, including camping on Eyjafjallajökull
  • The use of practical skills mentioned above plus other outdoor leadership approaches, group behaviour, weather discussion and avalanche terrain.
Technical skills
  • Roping up (glacier and alpine)
  • Rope travel (syncing glacier travel)
Search and rescue scenario


Due to the extreme and variable nature of the weather conditions this course will not have a fixed itinerary.

Delegates will be actively involved in planning and preparing each day and the mini expedition, this will further enhance your pre-expedition planning skills and will form an integral part of your learning experience.

The Extreme Medicine faculty will lead the timetabling of medical content and simulation exercises. Working together with the team in Iceland we will oversee all aspects of course planning and expedition preparation. 


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